Blog - February 5, 2024

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth File Size: How Big Is It?

The ultimate illusion games have a history of large file sizes and requiring multiple discs to play them, and it seems Final Fantasy 7 reborn Apple doesn’t fall far from the Mako Reactor.

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Ah, the old days of gaming, when some games required multiple discs. Original Solid metal gears requires two discs to contain its technical power, and Final Fantasy 7 goes even further and spreads the fun across three discs. I’m glad the ’90s ideology is gone—well, maybe not really.

2020 Final Fantasy 7 remake revisits its origins and is released on two discs, which brings us to Final Fantasy 7 reborn next part. Second part of FF7 remake the project takes us outside of Midgar to work on Zoloms and Gold Saucer, and the file size needed for all of this may be more than the weight on Avalanche’s shoulders.

How big is it? Final Fantasy 7 reborn file size on PS5?

Zack brings the cloud in ff7 rebirthThe story is about to get a lot deeper. Image via Square Enix

According to the X PlayStation Game Size social media site, you can expect Final Fantasy 7 rebornIts file size is Midgar-sized 145,250GB!

Like part one, FF7 reborn There will be story content and overall gameplay distributed across two discs. Forget praying for the cry of the planet; I’m praying our PS5 hard drive has to endure such a heavy file size load.

It seems like games tend to get larger file sizes and are getting more bloated by the minute. The Call of duty And Battlefield plans regularly hit the 200GB mark, and even titles you wouldn’t expect to take up that much space, such as The battle of life and death 1takes up more than 100GB.

You may have noticed this guide just mentioned Final Fantasy 7 reborn file size on PS5 and that’s because FF7 rebornIts platform only includes the PlayStation 5 as a launch exclusive. So it’s just something to think about if you’ve invested in the blue brand’s biggest console yet.