Blog - February 5, 2024

Feel the love in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with the new Valentine’s Day-themed Tera Raid event

Pokémon Scarlet And purple will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a cute new Tera Raid event that gives players an easy way to farm useful items.

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From February 12 to 15, special Luvdisc Tera Raids will appear in Gen IX games. The pink heart-shaped fish is one of the most suitable Pokémon for the Valentine’s Day event after Tandemaus (also known as the couple Pokémon) represented the annual day of romance last year. The Love-Hate Pokémon, Enamorus, could also make a pretty good seven-star legendary Tera Raid themed around love, but the pink god is currently only catchable in Legend: ArceusLet this Valentine’s Day be Luvdisc’s time to shine.

Two underwater Luvdiscs in Pokémon Scarlet and VioletLuvdisc is offering a simple and sweet gift for Valentine’s Day. Image via Game Freak

For these Tera Attacks, Luvdisc’s Tera Type is locked to Fairy Tera Type and their difficulty will range from three to five stars. The little fish is one of the weaker monsters in the game Pokémon franchise, no evolutions, and a low base stat total of 330, so it should be pretty easy to crush these raids with good counters. Between the Natural Water type and the Fairy Tera Type, Luvdisc can attack multiple types for super effective damage—Fire, Rock, Earth, Dragon, Fighting, and Dark. But as long as you bring Steel or Poison-type Pokémon to target the small fish’s two major defensive weaknesses, you’ll be fine.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without candy. As a reward for defeating Luvdisc Tera Raids, you can collect tons of Exp. Rare sweets and candies. Given how weak Luvdisc is, this is the perfect time to get through these raids and stock up on Candy if you have Pokémon that need to be leveled up. This is similar to the popular Blissey Tera Raids, which drop a bunch of handy items including Candies and Tera Shards.

The Luvdisc Tera raids have been locked to appear as soon as the Empoleon Tera Raid Hard event ends next week, so it will be a nice change of pace to switch from one of the hard raids more difficult to something a little cuter and much simpler. Coincidentally, Empoleon would be an excellent counter against Luvdisc with its Water/Steel typing. Luvdisc won’t be able to do much damage to the penguin with any of its attacks, and Empoleon can fight back with a super-effective Steel move like Flash Cannon.

If you don’t have Empoleon, Gholdengo and Corviknight are other strong Steel options.