Counter-Strike - Esports News - February 7, 2024

Falcons Boros: “We need to be really strong mentally”

The stage for the IEM Katowice 2024 quarterfinals is ready. Team Falcons has already secured the playoffs by defeating teams like NaVi, but the next team up is ENCE. We caught up with BOROS to talk about the comeback, the game and the next series.

IEM Katowice 2024IEM Katowice 2024

Credit: ESL

Sophie McCarthy: First of all, congratulations on entering the TOP 6.

How are you feeling at this point in the tournament?

wine: It feels so good, yeah. When we first lost to Eternal Fire, we were a little shaken and doubting ourselves. But we worked so hard and we did it, so it feels really good.

Sophie McCarthy: Yes, of course. I mean, you’ve had a few comebacks. For example, we had a shaky start to yesterday’s game against Nabi.

How do I get back, especially after being down on the T side yesterday?

wine: I think we have a strong mentality and good experience like teams like Magisk and Maden. So keep pushing and have a strong mentality to keep playing and fighting until the end of the game.

What’s the communication like when you realize you need a big comeback?

wine: I mean, we keep saying:

“We must fight. We don’t have to give up.”

If you give up, it’s over, so you have to keep playing.

Sophie McCarthy: You are the longest serving member of the team. A lot of new content has been added.

How has it changed the way you play the game?

wine: A lot has changed. I didn’t have a good coach before… Maybe he wasn’t a good coach for me. It wasn’t a good kind of team. You know we have a team of analysts like this, right? So I think I can be better prepared for the game with this team. I can play my game and be ready for everything.

Sophie McCarthy: Since we just joined the group stage, I think we had quite a bit of time to prepare. Most players I talk to prefer play-ins.

Falcon BorosFalcon Boros

Do you think you are at a disadvantage starting from the group stage?

wine: Of course, if the time to practice is not that long, that would be an advantage. But we are learning every game and every game we go into. For example, you have new data to work with. So I think we’re showing up and improving every game.

Sophie McCarthy: There are a few days to prepare before the quarterfinals.

What do you think about the next match against ENCE?

wine: Like the next game, we know the crowd will be with them. Because they have Polish players. We have to have a really strong mentality because every time we lose a few rounds you can hear the crowd going crazy.

But I think they have something to lose because they’re playing on the playground. So I feel good about being a part of this game. I think we will win this game.