Blog - February 5, 2024

Explaining the Lifmunk Effigy error in Palworld

Although its extremely addictive gameplay makes up for that, Palworld It’s not exactly bug-free, and the latest Lifmunk Effigy bug discovered by players has made the community question the capabilities of developer Pocketpair. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s everything you need to know.

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Lifmunk dummy error in Palworld?

Lifmunk holding a weapon in PalworldShould you take its effigy or not? Image via Pocketpair

If you focus on collecting those green blips and offering them to the Statue of Power in hopes of increasing your Capture Rate in PalworldYou may want to stop now.

According to multiple reports, giving the Lifmunk Scarecrow to the Statue of Power is actually lowering your Arrest Rate instead of increasing it as promised. If you have increased your Capture Rate with dummies to some extent, you can see the increased Capture Rate percentage displayed when you are about to throw a Pal Orb at a Friend, but Obviously, that’s very misleading.

According to tests conducted by players and shared on Reddit and YouTube, despite the higher Capture Rate shown, Pals still escape Spheres a bit more than normal when Lifmunk is involved Effigies. So you might see a significant increase in the Pal Orb’s Capture Rate after providing a Lifmunk Effigy, but not capturing Friends any more often than the base Orb Capture Rate.

Players who tried to disprove the theory using data and statistics and blaming luck failed to do so, suggesting something was wrong with the system. Of course, this shouldn’t have been possible, so the community believes this is a bug that needs Pocketpair’s immediate attention.

Although this error has not been officially acknowledged, I recommend that you hold off on giving the Lifmunk Scarecrow to the statue for a while. Don’t stop collecting those effigies, though—picking them up won’t make a difference to your Capture Power.

If there are any errors, I’m sure Pocketpair will fix it with future updates and then you can continue to increase your Gathering Power in Palworld with the Lifmunk Effigy as intended.