Esports News - February 7, 2024

Exclusive Interview with Elisa Giorgio: Behind Smolder’s Fiery Voice

Smolder is the newest champion released in League of Legends. The little dragon is already making a big splash in Summoner’s Rift! She caught up with her Italian voice actor Elisa Giorgio Find out what it’s like to collaborate with Riot Games on the most popular MOBA.

Our interview has been translated from the original Italian.

Elisa Giorgio Smolder Interview esports-netElisa Giorgio Smolder Interview esports-net

Hi Elisa, can you tell us about your career path and how you became a voice actor?

Elisha: A sure thing! So I actually started my journey as an actor when I was 14 years old, doing plays. I stuck with it for many years and after finishing my university studies, I decided to dive into the world of dubbing and voice acting. I thought, why not use my acting skills to focus more on my voice and microphone?

What role are you most proud of to date?

Elisha: Oh my god, there are so many… I would say almost everything! For TV series, Sarai Vargas From ‘Vis a Vis’ performed by Alba Flores princess anne Erin Doherty’s performance in “The Crown” will always hold a special place in my heart. Both are Netflix series. As for animation, I’m really proud of my role. Maki Zenin in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” baby five Also in ‘One Piece’ yor poser In ‘Spy As for movies, I really loved voicing the character played by Emily Ratajkowski in “Lying & Stealing.”

How does it feel to lend your voice to a character in a game as globally popular and beloved as League of Legends?

Elisha: It’s an amazing feeling! You can feel the genuine warmth and appreciation from gamers all over the world, especially women who find Smolder cute and adorable. I have never played LoL myself, but through my agency, I know very well that LoL is gaining global fame. iMacrue AgencyWe also manage a variety of gaming figures for streamers, cosplayers, event organizers, and more. So it’s really cool to be a part of that world!

Elisa Giorgio voice actorElisa Giorgio voice actor

Is this your first time voicing a video game character? If not, what other characters have you voiced before? And what is your favorite?

Elisa: Actually, I’ve worked on quite a few video games. For example, I play Mortal Kombat (Ashra), Spider-Man 2 (scream/poison), Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Go out) and Final Fantasy XVI (middle). Oh, and I also voiced the main character in Hogwarts Legacy (the female version), which is definitely a standout role for me considering how much I love the Harry Potter universe.

Can you talk about the interview/audition process for the role of Smolder? How difficult was it to get a voice acting job at Riot Games, one of the world’s largest game developers?

Elisha: There was no traditional casting process for this particular product and character. Instead, they auditioned vocal samples tailored to meet the specific vocal and emotional requirements stated by the production team. If my performance resonates and fits the character’s profile, I will be confirmed for the role.

Although there was no direct casting call, landing a role in a Riot Games video game was a complex process that took several years. Needless to say, I am so happy with the results!!

How was your experience working with Riot Games and how did it prepare you for the role of Smolder? What instructions did you get on the type of voice a champion needs?

Elisha: Working with Riot Games has been truly amazing. Especially because they gave us videos to dub, which added more depth to the process. Video game dubbing usually only includes the audio portion, so having this footage was very helpful. It helped me better understand the mood and character expressions. This experience was similar to dubbing Deadlock, the character I voice in Valorant.

When preparing Smolder, we generally follow the intent of the original language. In Smolder’s case there was little doubt! It’s like describing a child who is lively and naughty, sometimes capricious and grumpy, but also affectionately afraid of his mother. This is the direction I received, but I also took inspiration from the original language to capture all the nuances.

Smolder English (original) voice

What was the most difficult part about recording the voice of Smolder or any video game character, and what did you enjoy most about voicing Smolder?

Elisha: Well, especially for Smolder, it was difficult to maintain a “childlike” voice without interfering with the adult side. The challenge of video game dubbing in general is maintaining vocal energy for hours and staying true to the character. Especially since there is no video to guide us, only our imagination. But despite these challenges, it was a blast! It was incredibly rewarding to make demands vocally and yet embody the mindset of a child, which was quite different from the mindset of an adult woman. But that’s what makes it so beautiful, light and fun!

How long does the process of recording voice lines take?

Elisha: It depends on the number of lines required based on the amount of game content the parent company produces in various batches. You can do as few as 10 lines at a time, and then up to 500 lines. But either way, it’s all part of the fun!

Interview with Smolder voice actor Elisa Giorgio esports-netInterview with Smolder voice actor Elisa Giorgio esports-net

What role do you think voice actors play in games? And what advice would you give to aspiring voice actors who are interested in entering the gaming industry?

Elisha: Voice actors, regardless of language or nationality, are truly the heart of a video game, just like the soundtrack. Games rely heavily on visuals, but it’s the vocals and musical elements that captivate and leave a lasting impression that often don’t get enough credit.

For those who want to try their hand at game voice acting, patience is key, given the competitiveness of the industry and the long production schedules. As the gaming industry achieves film-like quality, it’s important to immerse yourself in playing a variety of video games in your native language to learn from seasoned professionals!

Now that you’ve lent your voice to a character in the game, why not try playing League of Legends?

Elisha: totally! Even though I’m not a pro at online games, I can’t deny the appeal of becoming Smolder and immersing myself in the world of LOL! Smolder’s fiery spirit certainly sparks the desire to give it a try. Who knows, I might surprise myself and pull off some cool moves!