Esports News - February 6, 2024

EWC club program promoting over 20 teams

The Esports World Cup Foundation has announced the launch of a new initiative that will help drive the growth of esports globally. The EWC Club Program is the Foundation’s first new program. This is a new program that allows clubs to grow and develop esports across new titles and territories. How does this new program work and how can clubs get involved?

EWC Club ProgramEWC Club Program

Source: Esports World Cup Foundation

EWC club program launched

The EWC Club Program is a new system provided by the Esports World Cup Foundation. They are a group working to spread esports globally. The esports World Cup has seen increased investment in recent years. Their headline program is the Esports World Cup, an international competition encompassing all disciplines of esports. However, the Club Program is intended to foster more individual clubs. The program will increase the club’s visibility, helping it grow its fan base while attracting more sponsors.

The new program is a new opportunity for individual clubs to engage with the world of the Foundation. 28 different clubs are selected and selected to promote the growth of esports. The goal is to enable these clubs to grow in new and emerging esports titles while also gaining a wider international audience for the clubs.

Clubs included in the program are selected in two ways: There is an initial batch selected and invited. However, a different set will be selected upon application. Clubs have until February 15 to submit applications to participate in the EWC Club Program. Only 6 people can submit an application. However, the invited clubs will refine the program and a total of 28 clubs will be introduced.

What do clubs gain when they participate in the program?

This is how the EWC Club Program selects participants, and what will approved clubs receive for their participation? This program strives to help drive viewership and engagement for these clubs. They will receive incentives as well as resources to help with this. Depending on their participation in the World Cup, they will also receive a share of the six-figure fund set aside to support these clubs. EWC aims to help clubs grow in esports as well.

Clubs participating in the EWC will have access to training programs to qualify for full participation in the Esports World Cup. However, slots are not guaranteed. The World Cup includes titles such as StarCraft II and CS:GO. This will allow a wider range of clubs to participate in the program.

They will have to earn it like everyone else taking part in the World Cup. But it will certainly help add more diversity to the teams participating in the cup. It’s great to see the esports grassroots receive such great support from the EWC Foundation.