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Every magical weapon in MW3 Zombies

You can’t get the name “Wonder Weapon” without a little something special. Modern warfare 3 Zombies is guaranteed to include a few of these and you need them. Currently.

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Possessing a Wonder Weapon instantly makes you a god and it’s that simple. These rare weapons are extremely difficult to find and can completely destroy most Zombies in an instant. MWZ there are some fun challenges to overcome, especially in Act One, and possessing at least one Wonder Weapon will feel like you have the power yourself.

How many magic weapons are there in Modern warfare 3 Zombie?

A Ray Gun appears from the Golden Mystery Box as the player follows MW3 Zombies.Your moments with Wonder Weapons will be few. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Have Four different magical weapons to follow in MW3 of Call of Duty Zombie—the Ray gun, Wonder weapon DG-2, People burnand V-R11.

This was a better start CoD Pioneers‘s Zombies, inexplicably and controversially, launched without a Wonder Weapon at all. Not only that, but I hope we get more Zombies content and expansions in the future, which means more Wonder Weapon raids.

Ray gun

The Ray gun is its traditional automatic laser firing mode. For me, it’s always the best Wonder Weapon of any CoDand it’s no different MW3 Zombies. This pistol-like weapon fires laser beams that have a slightly longer travel time than standard bullets but do incredible damage.

Wonder weapon DG-2

Another returning Wonder Weapon loved by the community, Wonder weapon DG-2 has its signature knockdown effect where it kills enemies and also affects nearby threats. The player fires an extremely fast bolt of electricity, shocking the first enemy hit and binding nearby enemies.

People burn

A large, bulky weapon you can charge People burn to create an electric pulse rifle blast to eliminate anything in its path. The longer you charge, the larger and more dangerous the shooting radius will be. The explosion lingers in the area for a short time, killing enemies that stand in it for too long. Scorcher has an alternate shooting option that sends you flying into the air, meaning you can use it to make a quick escape.


The V-R11 is one of the most unique weapons in the game. Its explosion turns a zombie into a friendly mercenary and turns a mercenary into a friendly zombie. You can also shoot teammates to buff them and make nearby zombies ignore them.

How to get Miraculous Weapons in Modern warfare 3 Zombies

The mystery box, a wooden crate with a question mark on it, lies on the ground in MW3 Zombies.Well, are you feeling lucky, punk? Screenshot of Dot Esports

The good news is that all the Wonder Weapons are immediately available for you to grab, but to actually get the Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies, you need to good luck with the Mystery Box, Find a diagram, or pray for a discount when fighting a boss.

Find the diagram

The Wonder Weapon’s diagram is the only way to be able to start one MW3 Zombie runs with Wonder Weapon already on you. Three of the Wonder Weapons can be crafted with schematics if you can complete the difficult task of obtaining them, and all four will have schematics when MW3 season two premiere.

Open the mystery box

For the low price of just 950 Essence, you can get a chance to get a Wonderful Weapon from the Mystery Box. This strange box appears in random spots around Urzikstan and each time you use it will spit out a weapon.

I swear, I got a Ray Gun on just my second Mystery Box use of the year MW3 Zombies. This is pure luck and nothing more. You could conceivably burn through 50,000 Essence and find nothing better than a high-level assault rifle from the Mystery Box.

Open drops randomly

You have little to no chance of finding a random drop. However, take out some MW3 A zombie’s toughest enemy may be a gold mine. Based on my experience, killing the Mega Abomination or Legacy in the Legacy Fortress gives you a good chance of getting the Wonder Weapon.