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Enshrouded: How to get the Northern Guard armor set

You need to collect powerful equipment, weapons and tools if you want to survive Cover. There’s a lot of really powerful gear you can get, but most of it is pretty hard to get—and the Guard of the North armor set is one such option.

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If you want to make sure you’re equipped with some of the best gear Embervale has to offer, here it is How to unlock the Northern Guard set in Cover.

How to bring the Northern Guard into action Cover

The Guard of the North set can only be found as loot in the world of Embervale and is not a craftable armor set. This means you have to go to the appropriate area if you want to get this armor, and the location to find it is quite far from where you first started.

Location of the headquarters of the Northern Guard armored team.You spawn by the Pillars of Creation, so this is a long journey to take. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Map Genie. Remix by Kacee Fay

Where to find Guard of the North armor Cover

All pieces of the Guard of the North armor set maybe found around Pike Harbor area, this is the location you will need to visit during the Pikemead’s Reach quest from the Blacksmith. The Pike Harbor area is close by very north of Embervale.

Like all the other armor collections in CoverHave five different pieces in the Guardians of the North set You need to collect it if you want your character to be equipped with this equipment from head to toe.

All units of the Northern Guard have been marked.All five pieces are close to each other. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Map Genie. Remix by Kacee Fay Armor typeHow to unlockStatisticsSpecial effectsNorthern Helmet GuardianFound in a chest in the Covered area on the platform towards the east end of the castle located at The Pike marker. This area is also located north of the Royal Gardens. Physical resistance – 18
Magic Resistance – maximum duration 18-45 seconds in the Shroud
+13% critical strike chanceGuardian of the Northern ArmorHide inside the sarcophagus located underground in the catacombs. You can find the crypt near the southeast of the Royal Gardens. Physical resistance – 44
Magic Resistance – 44 +160 health
-45 seconds maximum time in ShroudGuard of the North Gloves From the Shroud Root north of Huckster’s Square, head north a bit to find a gold chest next to a closed gate. Gloves can be looted from this chest. Physical resistance – 12
Magic Resistance – 12+4% magic damage
+4% melee damage
+4% ranged damage
-60 seconds maximum time in ShroudGuard of the North PantsPants are hidden in a corner in the Shroud area located under a broken bridge near the northern edge of the Pike’s Port area. Physical resistance – 27
Magic Resistance – 27 + Eight stamina
-30 seconds maximum duration in ShroudGuard of the North BootsCan be found in a chest at the top of the tall tower located south of the Shanty Shacks area. Physical resistance – 12
Magical resistance – maximum duration 12 -30 seconds in the Shroud
+ One health recovery
+ Two stamina recovery abilities

You now have one of the best armor sets you can unlock Cover, you should consider which class is best suited to combine with it and find ways to unlock the best weapons to use. Combining your powerful armor with powerful options in both areas will ensure you are truly an unstoppable force, ready to take on anything Embervale throws at you.