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Enshrouded Fell Monsters: Location, defeat and all rewards

Fell Monstersity is a mini-boss that you can encounter in Covershielded area of. There are several of them and you will receive valuable rewards for your progress when you defeat them, so hunting them down is well worth your time.

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There are two places you can find the Fell Monster. Be prepared because this can be a surprisingly difficult fight. If you want to deal with the minibos quickly, you can eat consumables that increase your stamina and other skills. Here are the best tips for defeating Fell Monstersity, as well as its locations and rewards in Cover.

All Fell Monsterity locations in Cover

Map with dots.Go to the Umbral Valley. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Map Genie

Fell Monstersity’s first location is in Empty box. You can Get it from Elixir Well, deep in the darkness. When you reach the Elixir Well, head north. Glide down through the cave. Then, turn left. Follow the path until it ends. You can glide further down and continue on the path.

Here, you will encounter enemies so be careful. At the end of the path, you’ll see a small rocky island surrounded by lava, with the monster in the center; you can not miss it.

Map with dots.Go northeast. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Map Genie

The second place you can find the Fell Monster is west of Nomad Highlands ancient tower. Reaching the miniboss in this location is much easier. Glide west of the Ancient Spire and you’ll spot it from afar, in the middle of a misty area.

How to defeat Fell Monster in Cover

Fell Monster has strong attacks, high damage but slow. It means Use ranged builds and high mobility is the key to getting this job done quickly Cover boss. However, even if you hit it from a safe range, you will have to be aware of some of its attacks. Here are the boss attacks and how to survive.

1) Avoid the three shrouds

Keep an eye out for its Triple Shroud Bolts attack as this is the most frequently used attack. It’s also difficult to dodge when you’re not familiar with its style because it’s quite fast. Before performing this attack, the boss will open its chest. It will then fire three Shroud Beams: two will lock onto your position and the third will go in the direction of the final attack. To dodge it, dash in one direction twice, then change direction to avoid the third direction.

2) Wide area attack

At some point, the monster will open the chest and attack. It will fire a series of shrouds over a wide area. This attack is signaled by a blue circle.

3) Swarms of bees gather

Minibosses will periodically spawn colonies of wasps. Don’t let them harass you, because in the long run they can be dangerous. It’s better to focus on them when they appear.

4) Stand back or you will be dizzy

If you stay close to the miniboss for too long, it will cause a large stun attack. You’ll notice it when it takes a step back and attacks.

Rewards you can get for defeating Fell Monstrosity in Cover

Defeating Fell Monstrosity can help your progression, so you shouldn’t miss it. The Head it drops will contribute to upgrading your Flame Level to Level Five. When you defeat this boss, it will drop the following rewards:

  • Knock off the monster’s head.
  • A shroud core.
  • Random loot, can be Black Cauldron, Fowler’s Gauntlet, etc