Blog - February 7, 2024

EA FC 24 9 title update: Trivela shot, nerf reduction, more

EA has finally addressed the mediocre shots and cuts that have become two of the main scoring methods in EA FC 24.

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EA FC 24 There is currently a lack of diversity in attack chains. In many cases, goals are scored simply by cutting in from the wing and hitting a trivela shot from the outside of the foot into the far side of the net.

Luton Town's Elijah Adebayo celebrates scoring a goal in EA FC 24.The cuts are likely to remain strong in the EA FC 24. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Or, players break in from the wing, use dribbling to move down the touchline, then find a cutting pass to their striker, who easily scores the goal into his own net. In December, EA released an update that made attacking the middle easier, but going down the wing still proved more dangerous. So in response, the developers doubled down and made it harder to progress from the flanks.

Trivela shots and cross-cut passes have finally been nerfed EA FC 24

The ninth Title update makes scoring with a trivela shot much more difficult EA FC 24. EA has reduced the effectiveness of off-foot shots regardless of whether the card has Trivela Playstyle or PlayStyle plus, reducing shot accuracy and reducing the amount of topspin from off-foot shots.

Additionally, the update has improved AI teammate positioning and decision-making markings while defending cutbacks. Defenders will also have an easier time blocking attacks because the secondary blocking mechanic has improved player selection logic.

EA also addressed an issue that made it possible to abuse the new Evolution system. Players will start an Evolution and progress through a level or two, but let the Evolution expire before completing the entire route. As a result, cards will have statistics that satisfy additional upgrade requirements when not intended.

The update removes the ability to place previously evolved player items into future Evolution slots. The ninth title update also makes minor improvements to the referee’s foul-calling logic inside the box after a clearance attempt, as some players will unfairly concede a penalty equal after trying to clear the ball.