Blog - February 8, 2024

Does WoW Classic Season of Discovery have dual specs?

The season of discovery looks like Classic World of Warcraft, but there are major changes to levels, end-game content, and features. There has been some talk around Dual specificationsand it might make you wonder if it’s in the game or not.

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Dual specifications, introduced in The Wrath of the Lich King expand, allow you to have two specifications you can easily exchange between without any cost. This changes the look of the action bar and resets your resources but does not affect your device. This is very useful for combo classes like Fighters, Mages, and Priests, who can heal or tank but also deal ridiculous amounts of damage with their DPS specs. This all sounds fun and games, but Dual specifications available in Classic WoW Season of discovery?

There are dual specifications in Classic WoW Season of discovery?

Dual specifications are not available in Season of Discovery, but Blizzard hinted during BlizzCon 2023 that it would appear in the game further down the line. During the panel, senior game producer Josh Greenfield said the development team could introduce this feature. Unfortunately, he did not give a time when he expected this.

This means you can have two specifications available for any occasion. You could have one raid spec and one spec for PvP, or even one spec for open world content like quests and gold farming, and the other spec for raiding—that depends on you. I already knew my Mage would have an Elemental spec and a Restoration spec, so I could head into Azeroth without needing a DPS player to babysit.

When are there dual specifications? Classic WoW Season of discovery?

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery phase two player character standing among the ruinsNo one knows when the dual spec will be released. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Unfortunately, The dual spec doesn’t have a release date or timing yet because Classic WoW Season of mastery. It’s hard to say exactly when it will release.

It could basically be any update coming to Season of Discovery, but I just have a feeling it will be the next update after release. There’s no good reason for Blizzard to delay this any longer, especially since your class will more or less get more information in the next update.