Blog - February 8, 2024

Does Helldivers 2 have microtransactions?

The never-ending conversation about microtransactions in the gaming industry continues with Hell Diver 2, so we’re addressing the situation of microtransactions linked to alien incursions.

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Hell diver 2 presents a vast alien and Automaton-infected world in which the Helldivers must rid humanity of these terrorist enemies. As a game with ties to multiplayer properties and live services, it’s naturally mentioned alongside microtransactions.

It’s no secret that satire and popular social commentary are the focus Hell diver 2 story, but microtransactions are no laughing matter and we’re here to tell you whether they’re in the shooter or not.

There are microtransactions in Hell diver 2?

microtransactions in helldivers 2Super Credits is at least a good name. | Screenshot of Dot Esports

Arrowhead Game Studios has chosen to participate Include microtransactions Hell diver 2and although they are completely optional, you can purchase “Super Credits”.

Super Earth deserves a name like Super Credits. From what we’ve seen so far, the microtransactions don’t seem too objectionable, look pretty reasonable compared to other AAA games, and most importantly look just aesthetic—don’t pay for it. to win or any of that nonsense. .

New skins, color-schemed headgear, changed Armor and more await you if you intend to part with real money.

This means it’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend the extra money on Super Credits to give your character even more customization options and look like a soldier worthy of representing the Helldivers. Are not.

However, you don’t have to do so, so don’t feel pressured! Instead of browsing Hell diver 2 store to tempt yourself into microtransactions, you can also see how to change your delivery name in Hell diver 2as well as view the rich trophy list of this game.