Blog - February 1, 2024

Does Granblue Fantasy: Relink support ultra-wide screens?

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking is available on PC and PlayStation as of February 1, but not all rigs and consoles are created equal. When it comes to PCs, there are about a million different variables—two of the most common and controversial are screen resolution and aspect ratio.

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While most gamers are still using 16:9, the standard aspect ratio for computer monitors and TVs, the 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio has seen a recent surge in popularity. However, not all games support ultra-wide screens.

You can play Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on super wide?

Four Granblue Fantasy: Reconnect the characters on the grassy hill.  One of the characters is approaching the other three.Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

While Granblue Fantasy: Relinking offers 4K screen resolution, the widest and largest aspect ratio is 16:9, which is the standard screen size. Super wide ratio 21:9 not provided IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinkingno matter what platform you are playing the game on.

If your concern is whether you can play games if you have an ultra-wide monitor then there’s good news for you: you absolutely can. Granblue Fantasy: Relinking if your screen is 21:9 (or even wider), though the game will be locked to the ratio Maximum ratio 16:9. This won’t cause any weird horizontal stretching or anything, instead your screen will show two black bars on either side of the game screen to block out the extra space if you are in full screen mode. If you boot Granblue illusion In Windowed mode, the extra space on either side will simply reflect your desktop background or any other windows you have open.

Will ultra-wide support ever be added Granblue Fantasy: Relinking?

It’s not technically impossible for Cygames to add ultra-wide support to the game, but honestly, I’d be shocked. Such a small percentage of gamers are using 21:9 displays that most developers would not consider adding this option a priority, especially since people can still buy and play games on these That super wide screen.

However, historically speaking, there will almost certainly be a mod released sooner that brings extremely broad support to the game. So while it’s unlikely Cygames will add 21:9 as an option for Granblue Fantasy: Relinkingit’s safe to say the modding community will do the same.

It’s anyone’s guess where and when this theoretical mod will be implemented, but if you keep an eye out Granblue illusion community on Reddit, you should know about a super-wide mod as soon as it’s released.