Blog - February 2, 2024

Does Granblue Fantasy: Relink have mods?

If you’re almost done Granblue Fantasy: Relinking story, you can think about what will happen next. The endgame is about fully upgrading your characters, weapons, and Sigils as well as unlocking everything else. This is the last major activity, as currently, there are no mods to spice things up.

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Granblue Fantasy: Relinking mods, explain

Narmaya standing in front of a tent in Folca in Granblue Fantasy RelinkNo mods for anyone yet. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

There are currently no mods available for this Granblue Fantasy: Relinking on PC, and modding PS5 games requires a lot of technological know-how. So, in short, you can’t mod the game yet. It also doesn’t have a Steam Workshop page, which means any future mods may need manual setup, which could be difficult for some players.

Also, since Link again there is an online play mode, we might just see mods that change the appearance of the character and their weapons, like those seen in the franchise’s fighting games Granblue Fantasy: Confrontation. Mods that change a character’s skills or weapons may be considered cheating and could get you banned.

Another scenario is that developer Cygames could ban mods and take action against those who share them. This is because creating mods involves changing the game’s files, which some large companies, like Blizzard, consider a violation of intellectual property rules. However, I think that is unlikely to happen. There are mods for that VS very easy to use and Cygames doesn’t seem to prevent them.

Many players may be hoping for mods that circumvent region locks and allow them to play with others from different continents, or mods that allow them to use ultra-wide screens that the game does not currently support. support.

Why isn’t there a mod for that? Granblue Fantasy: Relinking?

New game, released on February 1 for PC and PS5. So most people, including modders, are still testing the game and its parts. The main story is short but has a lot to do at the end. If enough people like the game, chances are some of these players will publish mods for it Link again online later.