Blog - February 3, 2024

Does Enshrouded have cheats or console commands?

There are a lot of tabs to keep track of Cover. Environmental hazards can limit your creativity, so many players like to dive into modes or tools, like cheats or console commands, that can help fans. grave focuses on anything but the survival aspect.

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I like survival games, but the building aspect of them piques my interest more than actually surviving. The basic designs and pushing the game’s creative freedom to its limits can also be quite fun. No matter how many bases I may have in Cover, I will hardly get bored when experimenting with new designs and architectures. However, this style of play requires a lot of time unless you figure out cheats or console commands to eliminate material grinding.

Are there any cheats or console commands in there? Cover?

A covered figure is hunting a deer.Are you looking for a way to escape from your hunting mission? Image via Keen Games

ARE NOT, Cover There aren’t any built-in cheats or console commands. It’s January. 24, Cover Launched with only classic survival mode and the game also has no mods. This also happens in time wrapped demo period, so this seems to be a deliberate decision.

To compensate for the lack of cheating in Cover, I’ve been focusing more on leveling up quickly and reaching max level when saving. After maxing out my character, I hope I can do everything I want in the game without hesitation. Cover was a difficult title to adapt to, especially in my first hours, but I’m looking to balance the score now that I’ve got some equipment and a base to work with.

I hope developer Keen Games adds more customization options to the game Cover time past. Early Access feedback tends to be quite valuable for developers as it can be the first stage where players can get their hands on the game.