Blog - February 3, 2024

Does Enshrouded have a creative mode?

Survival games often start out carefree, but as night falls, the need for resources becomes critical. Cover is no different, and you first need to make sure you get through the first few nights before testing builds—unless there are creative mode.

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When I’m not with friends, I often like to test new strategies using cheats and console commands or in creative mode. As soon as our dedicated server hosting is located CoverI wanted to see everything the game had to offer with the help of “god mode,” which left me searching through the game’s menus.

There is a creative mode in Cover?

A man fights enemies with a glowing weapon next to a ruined tree in Enshrouded.I just want to shoot one shot at all enemies, is that too much to ask? Image via Keen Games

There is no creative mode in Cover. At the time of writing, you can only play wrapped The base game mode, is a classic survival building experience that requires players to gather materials to survive.

Overall, Keen Games demonstrates a clear vision for its gameplay, as reflected in the wrapped Frequently asked questions. When the developers were asked about a PvP mode, they said it was not part of the game’s plans because Keen Games believes “experiencing the game together will be more fun than fighting each other.” .

However, Keen Games has a gentler approach to modding. In spite of Cover does not support modifications during release, the FAQ mentioned the developers are open to implementing it in the future. When the mods arrived on the scene, Cover fans can get cheats, console commands, and even a creative mode with the help of community moderators.

Will a creative mode come Cover?

Have There are no official plans to add a creative mode Cover. At the time of writing, Keen Games’ main goal is to complete the game’s Early Access phase by 2025. When wrapped release of the full version, it will most likely launch with new features and also be on consoles, so creative mode could also sneak into the survival game.