Reviews - January 29, 2024

Do Apple’s AirTags need charging?

Key Takeaways

  • Apple AirTags don’t need to be charged. Powered by standard CR2032 batteries that last up to 1 year.
  • AirTag’s batteries are easily replaceable and affordable.
  • You can check your AirTag’s battery level using the Find My app on your iPhone.

There are a variety of Bluetooth trackers on the market, but Apple AirTags have quickly become one of the best options. Apple has created an easy-to-use system with AirTags, and it’s worth the effort.

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Despite how easy AirTags are to use, you may still have some questions about using them. Perhaps the most important question concerns the device’s battery. Most Apple devices need to be plugged in and charged frequently, so do AirTags? All your questions about AirTag batteries are answered here.

When you take your new AirTag tracker home for the first time, you might find yourself searching for the charging port. Or could it be charged like an Apple Watch using a magnetic charger that locks into place?

It’s logical to look for these things, but AirTags don’t need to be charged at all. No plugs, magnetic snaps or other chargers. Even if you wanted to charge, it’s not an option.

air tag cap offWhat is the power of Apple AirTags?

AirTags run on standard CR2032 batteries that can be used almost anywhere. They’re not expensive, especially compared to the cost of buying new AirTags. This is the same type of battery commonly used in watches, calculators, and other small electronic devices.

2023-battery-tag Duracell 2032 3V Lithium Battery

Anyone looking for replacement batteries for their Apple AirTag tracker can purchase this pack from Amazon for less than $9. With a 4-pack of batteries, you’ll have enough batteries to last you for years to come.

How often should I replace my AirTag battery?

How long an AirTag lasts depends on how often you actively use the AirTag to find the item you are tracking. On average, a battery lasts about a year before needing replacement. If you buy the pack above, the cost per battery will be just over $2. That means it won’t cost much to keep your AirTags running long-term.

AirTag in Findmy app with battery percentage displayed

How to check your AirTag’s battery level

The AirTag doesn’t have a screen or anything else to help you check the battery. Instead, you should use your iPhone to check your battery level. But checking battery life is easy.

  • execution Find my app Just tap the icon on your iPhone.
  • water tap item It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the AirTag you want to check from the list.
  • Take a look battery icon Check the remaining percentage under your AirTag name.
  • There is no need to constantly check your AirTag’s battery. The Find My app warns you when your battery is low, so you can change your battery without losing tracking. Still, it’s nice to know how to check in at any time to see how they’re doing.

    AirTag Replacement Battery

    How to replace an AirTag battery

    While most Apple devices are locked down, the company has made replacing the AirTags’ batteries very easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Unscrew the battery cover on the back of the AirTag. press down and rotate counterclockwise.
  • Remove the cover On the back of the airtag.
  • slide dead battery In AirTag.
  • press New CR2032 Put the battery in the back.
  • Replace the battery cover as follows: Press and turn clockwise (Make sure the tabs on the cover are aligned with the slots on the AirTag).