Esports News - Fortnite - February 8, 2024

Disney invests $1.5 billion in Epic Games

Fortnite is home to massive crossovers, usually promoted with the headline Property But just days before the new event kicks off, developer Epic Games announced a completely different type of collaboration. Disney Disney is investing $1.5 billion in the company.

Did Disney Acquire Fortnite? This news has some fans speculating that there will be big changes to Battle Royale. However, the current investment follows similar stories where companies like Tencent, Sony, and others have invested in Epic Games. This is more of an expansion of an existing relationship, but for Fortnite and Disney’s own productions.

The two companies are not strangers. Fortnite already includes a lot of Disney content. This comes alongside Epic’s growing work on the television and film production side, powering Disney’s landmark projects. However, this new investment round will ensure a closer relationship. What does this mean for Epic’s future projects and Fortnite?


Source: Disney, Epic Games


Disney has long been an important partner to Epic Games. They further strengthened their partnership this week by announcing a $1.5 billion investment in the developer. This new partnership will see Disney take a more active role with the developer, clearly linking them to their properties. We don’t expect Disney to run Fortnite esports, but the company’s equity means their goals will be aligned.

Disney explained that the new collaboration helps grow a “coherent universe.” This is especially relevant for Fortnite, which wants to create new games and experiences from properties like Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Avatar. Disney is targeting a wider range of projects using Unreal Engine, not just Fortnite.

Disney has decided not to take an active role in the video games of its properties for some time now. After acquiring Lucasfilm, it also closed the popular and groundbreaking LucasArts development studio. Instead, they preferred to charge other developers for the use of their IP. But it’s been clear for a while that there’s more cross-pollination in the case of Epic than most tie-ins.

Did Disney Buy Fortnite?

no! Disney has invested in Epic Games, but cannot purchase the company outright. When this news broke, some fans jumped to conclusions. But that doesn’t mean too many changes for Fortnite fans.

Wondering if Disney bought Fortnite? It’s not that extreme. Disney has ivnested Epic Games. Sony has made similar investments to Lego in the past. This doesn’t affect Fortnite’s ability to do other collaborations, stick to a tone higher than the typical Disney age rating, or work with other companies. But this could also mean more Disney appearances in the game.

Additional Disney content is coming to Fortnite

Even before this new Disney For a while, almost all Battle Passes included Disney-owned properties. This is often the case when promotion is needed for the release of a given character or franchise. Item stores are never far from Disney-owned collaboration stores. They even received a Lego version, something that’s been left out of most Fortnite collaborations.

Epic Games offers more than just Fortnite. Unreal Engine is playing an impressive role in film and television production. The Epic Games technology used in The Mandalorian was an impressive showcase of how the engine has evolved beyond just gaming.

This new Disney But the announcements so far also discuss the future. The language used seems to have something to do with Epic’s efforts to make Fortnite a platform. This is reminiscent of Lego’s investment in Epic Games rather than the Battle Royale of Fortnite Lego mode. With the trailers for future games included here, we’ll be able to see Epic Games as the driving force behind future Disney games instead of skins in Battle Royale.