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Dinossom Lux boss fight location in Palworld

Dinossom Lux can be found in the desert in Palworld But finding a location to fight boss Dinossom Lux is even more difficult. Like some of the other bosses in Palworld, This Alpha boss is hiding in a secret location.

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Luckily for you, there’s no need to embark on a dangerous journey across the desert to find the holy grail, as we’ve identified the exact location you need to find along with a compilation of stats and points Weakness of Dinossom Lux.

How to find Dinossom Lux in Palworld

Screenshot of the Palworld map showing the location of boss Dinossom Lux.Static shock. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Electric Element variant of the adorable Dinossom is not an extremely rare friend and can be hatched from eggs or caught in the desert. However, if you want Parts of an Ancient Civilization, you’ll need to take down the boss—but you won’t get there just by moving to the boss icon on the map.

Instead, Dinossom Lux is one of the Alpha Pal bosses hidden in the Mineshaft, like Astegon and Blazamut, and finding the exact location can be difficult, especially in harsh desert environments.

Exact location and coordinates of Dinossom Lux in Palworld

Screenshot of the map in Palworld showing the location of The Furthest Mineshaft.A long way to travel. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To find the boss Dinossom Lux, Determine the location of the farthest mine shaft just north of the boss icon. Exactly The coordinates of The Furthest Mineshaft are 349, 569. Due to the hot environment, you will need to equip Heat Resistant Clothing to avoid damage, and I recommend bringing a Torch or Fire Friend to light the path through the Mine Shaft.

Dinossom Lux is extremely powerful level 47 field boss and, unlike other boss dungeons, there aren’t any pillars to hide behind during the fight. Dinossom Lux also has high attack and defense stats so carrying a bulky and powerful Ground or Ice Element Pal is the best strategy to exploit its weaknesses.

Dinossom Lux statistics in Palworld

Paldeck page about Dinossom Lux in Palworld.You’re about to be shocked. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Dinossom Lux is an Electric/Dragon Elemental Friend with the “Thunder Dragon” Companion Skill, which enhances Electric attacks when mounted. You can ride it once you’ve unlocked and crafted the Dinossom Lux Saddle. The basic stats for Dinossom Lux are:

  • HP: 110
  • LABOUR: 90
  • DEF: 90
  • Working speed: 100
  • Food: 6/10
  • Time: All day
  • Weak: Ground/Ice
  • Job compatibility: Woodworking Lv2, Electricity Production Lv2