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Diablo 4 Malphas boss guide: How to find, defeat and all the rewards

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct introduced the evil Malphas as the main antagonist of the third season. He is a tough boss who is not only difficult to kill but also difficult to find and summon, as you need to meet several requirements before facing him.

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There are two versions of Malphas in Diablo 4 season three. You first fight Malphas as part of the season’s main questline, but can also access the Uber version after unlocking World Tier Four. If you’re trying to find Malphas or wondering how to take down the powerful demon, here’s what you should know.

Where to find Malphas in Diablo 4 season three

Map image in Diablo 4 showing the location of Gatehall.You’ll explore Gatehall and its gates at the beginning of part three. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To access the Vault of the Loom and fight Malphas within Diablo 4 third season, you need to Venture to the central city, Gatehall. If you’ve started the third season questline, you’ll remember this area is where the vault portals are located.

Simply interact with the portal to go to the Vault of the Loom. But although you can go through this portal at any time, you need some items to access the dungeon.

How to enter the Vault of the Loom in Diablo 4

A warrior wearing bone armor stands before a black ring with red runes.You need to farm Arcane Tremors before facing Malphas. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To enter the Vault of the Loom, you first need to collect seven Fire Cores and 250 Shattered Stones. You need these two items to start the dungeon and eventually confront Uber Malphas to get the powerful Evernight Stones and Genesis Tuning Stones.

You can do it Igneous Cores by participating in Arcane Tremor world events and destroy the Herald of Malphas or Son of Malphas in World Tier Four. These are mini-bosses that are known to drop items, but it is still a rare item.

Broken ice is a lot easier to find because you just need it Interact with Obelisks in Arcane Tremors to collect documents. Enemies and enemy Structures can also drop them.

With these items in your inventory, you can visit the Vault of the Loom to clear the dungeon and take down Malphas.

How to defeat Malphas in Diablo 4

Image of a pipe appearing during the Malphas boss fight in Diablo 4.Take out the Conduits as soon as they appear and the fight will be much easier. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Traps are the main component of Diablo 4 Construction season. The fight with Malphas is no different, as the demon will actively place traps in the arena throughout the fight. To defeat Malphas, you need to Keep your character mobile and circle around the boss to avoid traps that activate slowly.

As the battle progresses, Malphas will use four elements to deal different types of damage: Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Ice. Destroy the alkaline pipes on the far side of the arena to disrupt the boss and make the fight significantly easier for yourself.

Malphas boss fight reward in Diablo 4

Uber Malphas only drops two possible items. This makes the season three boss different from other bosses Diablo 4 Uber bosses have their own list of Legendary, Rare or Unique items.

Instead of, Malphas only drops Evernight Stone and Genesis Tuning Stone. Tuning Stones, along with Tuning Stones, are tools that increase the power of your Constructed allies. Although this is not traditional Diablo As bootleg fans of the franchise are familiar with, the fight against Malphas is well worth the payoff.