Blog - February 1, 2024

Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening release countdown: Exact start time and release date

Diablo 4 is holding another limited-time celebration—this time around Lunar New Year with Moon awakening event in February.

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The event lasts for half a month, bringing a new mechanic focused on Shrines, along with some Lunar Awakening themed bounties for the Whispering Tree, cosmetics, and the chance to gain extra XP and reputation. language. This is when Diablo 4 the event starts and what it brings.

When and what time Diablo 4The Moon Awakening event begins?

Diablo 4’s The Lunar Awakening event begins at 12pm CT on February 6 and lasts for two weeks. This event applies to both the Seasonal and Eternal realms, based on an official blog post, so feel free to ditch starter characters you haven’t used in a while. You can also put your new seasonal character into the fray to make an impression in your season pass, or just take advantage of XP bonuses when interacting with new mechanics, Moon Temple.


The Moon Temple will replace some of the regular temples in dungeons or the overworld. They are easy to spot thanks to their unique appearance and signature minimap icon, and they have a number of additional effects.

For starters, activating one will give you a 50 percent bonus XP and 30 percent movement speed, with experience gained as a multiplier modifier. Lunar Shrines are also overcharged compared to the regular version, with additional effects included. More importantly, taking down enemies while these temples are active will bring “huge reputation to the Ancestors,” according to the blog post.

A wizard in a dungeon stands in front of a temple.  The shrine has a dragon head on top.The Moon Temple is one of the travel mechanisms for the awakening of the moon. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

These temples can also appear in Nightmare Dungeon and Nightmare Dungeonwith the opportunity to receive limited time Ancestor’s favor accessory. This trait ensures that only the Moon Temple will appear in that activity and gives you an additional 10% glyph XP. While the accessory is only available for a limited time, the markings featuring it will remain in effect, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed in the blog post.

The nerve center of the event is the Moon Market in Ked Bardu, where you can exchange your reputation and earnings for cosmetics. The blog post outlines 10 levels with a total of six rewards. And of course, since we’re talking about Blizzard, players can also expect to see more items in the game’s premium store.

When does the Moon Awakening event end?

The Moon Awakening event takes place around the Sanctuary until 12 noon CT on February 20, giving players exactly 14 days to participate in the festival. However, despite that time frame, it’s unclear what will remain in the game after the event ends.