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Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening Event: All new buffs, cosmetics and content

Diablo 4 Construction Season is well underway with plenty of new dungeons, bosses, characters, and loot. Besides the new season, Blizzard also introduced the Lunar Awakening event that can award various exclusive rewards for participating.

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Players are both Seasonal and Eternal Diablo 4 Realms may even participate in the new Moon Awakening world. For a limited time, players can receive a variety of buffs from shrines scattered throughout the Sanctuary.

But there’s more to this event than just clicking on shrines, as there are plenty of cosmetic rewards, mounts, and weapons up for grabs. If you are trying to start Awakening the Moon in Diablo 4Here’s what you need to know.

Diablo 4 Start date and end date of Moon Awakening

The awakening of the moon in Diablo 4 To be begins at 12pm CT on February 8 and ends at 12pm CT on February 20. Players will only have two weeks to receive the most valuable rewards in Lunar Awakening.

How to get started Diablo 4 Moon awakening event

To begin Diablo 4 Moon Awakening event, you need to Travel to Ked Bardu and go north of the settlement. Talk to the NPC named Ying-Yue to gain access to the Lunar Night Market and temple events.

The Moon Night Market will serve as your main hub for the limited-time event. Whenever you collect Ancestral Favors, a new limited currency in Lunar Awakening, you can exchange your currency with Ying-Yue.

Diablo 4 Moon awakening temple, explained

Characters in Diablo 4 use their abilities, creating lightning and a blue aura that surrounds them.Interacting with the Shrine will cause the encounter to begin immediately. Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

The temples are key to the Lunar Awakening event Diablo 4. Whenever you encounter a randomly placed Shrine in the Sanctuary, you can interact with the item to initiate a short encounter.

After interacting with the Shrine, you will automatically receive a random buff. There are a total of seven Lunar Shrine effects, each providing a new passive, summon, ability, or spell. After you apply the buff to your character, the Shrine will spawn several enemies giving you the opportunity to immediately test your new power.

Using your buff and defeating the spirits spawned from the Temple will grant you a small amount of Ancestral Favor, which can be used to purchase items with Ying-Yue.

Diablo 4 All Moon Temple lovers

Have a total of seven Lunar Shrine buffs inside Diablo 4 Moon awakening event. Each buff has a unique effect but only lasts for a short time. Here are all seven Moon buffs you can get during this event:

  • Artillery – Cast can summon a bomb that deals divine damage.
  • Explosion wave – Each explosion summons a cluster bomb.
  • Channel – You gain increased attack speed and a chance to reset cooldowns when attacking.
  • pipe – You often summon powerful lightning bolts.
  • Greed – You have a chance to summon the Treasure Goblin. If you kill 25 enemies during the Temple event, the Treasure Goblin will appear automatically. Another one will appear after you get a total of 50 kills.
  • Cause death – You have a chance to execute enemies hit. This not only kills the target, but also applies the Fear status effect to all nearby enemies.
  • Protection – You can reflect all incoming damage.

Diablo 4 Moon awakening reward

Moon Awakening event rewards, including cosmetics inspired by ancient Chinese armor.From class sets to mounts, there was no shortage of style options at this event. Image by Blizzard.

All rewards from Diablo 4 The Lunar Awakening event is purely cosmetic. All classes are unlockable a new transmission outfit with cosmetic attachment And weapon effects. All weapons and armor are designed in the Lunar New Year style, even giving your mount a dragon-like appearance.