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Diablo 4: How to complete the Cleanse Shrine Whisper objective

To celebrate Lunar New Year at Diablo 4Sanctuary players can participate Moon awakening eventWhere special event shrines are located on the map are marked with a purple special event icon.

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Before completing these temples, if you want to start earning Moon Awakening rewards and Whispering Tree rewards, you should talk to Ying-Yue in Ked Bardu. Once that’s done, it’s time to start hunting for residential shrines Diablo 4.

How to complete the Cleanse Shrine Whisper objective

Completing the Whispers of the Dead versions of the Moon Temples scattered across the map will net you both Ancestral Favor and Grim Favor levels that can be redeemed at the Tree of Whispers. This Lunar Awakening Shrines special event is actually one of the best in the current finale because they progress along two separate reward paths.

The Temple of the Moon's Awakening is marked on the Diablo 4 minimap.Look for red and purple. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Complete Cleanse the whispers in the temple, locate them on your map. They are marked with red Whispers of the Dead activity background as well as a purple special event star and said “Cleanse the lunar temple of stingy favors.” The actual Shrine itself will be located near the marker.

A lunar awakening conduit temple in Diablo 4.Let’s light it up. Screenshot of Dot Esports

When you get to the Temple, activate it to get the usual random Temple buff, but be prepared to start fighting some elite Stingy Souls. These spirits shouldn’t give you too much trouble, especially if you have the Shrine buff active.

Moon Awakening reward page in Diablo 4.Congratulations! Screenshot of Dot Esports

When nearby spirits are defeated, you will receive a Grim Favor to unlock the Whisper of the Dead reward. Each defeated Wretched Soul will also grant you Ancestral Favor, which will unlock the Moon Awakening reward levels. All Lunar Awakening rewards, including gold, chests, trophies, and skins, can be obtained from Ying-Yue in Ked Bardu.