Blog - February 1, 2024

Destiny 2 is finally making it easier to score Platinum in The Coil next week

Since Season of the Wish launched last year, Destiny 2 The latest seasonal activity has a crucial flaw: Achieving Platinum points and winning The Coil’s most lucrative rewards is difficult for many players. Luckily, Bungie is making it much easier to get Platinum starting February 6th.

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The news came on today’s This Week in Destiny blog, which gave some stats on success rates in The Coil and the developer’s plans to make the treasure room final become more accessible. Even though the success rate of the Platinum run is increasing as the season progresses, Bungie still wants to secure more. Destiny 2 Players have a chance to get the best loot of the activity. To that end, the drop rate of Wishing Glass Shards from defeated enemies will be increased next week.

Every Starcat location in Destiny 2Getting maximum loot from your Coil runs will now be easy. Image via Bungie

“Back in the early days of Season of the Wish, when players first became interested in The Coil, we saw a Platinum success rate of around 35 to 50 percent,” they said. Based on data at the time, they announced plans to make the practice more forgiving in the future. “However, by the end of the second week, we saw 70 to 85% of all successful completions reach Platinum, as players got a better handle on this activity.”

Interestingly, according to Bungie’s numbers, half of the teams that reached Platinum didn’t even kill the Glass Collector to reach that point – something many players believe is necessary to reach Platinum.

Even so, Bungie still wants to “give everyone a little push.” Completing the Platinum run is not necessary for any wins tied to seasonal trophies, but making it easier will allow more Guardians to complete the checklist their seasonal weapons and start crafting their Scatter Signal or Divine Roll Appetite. On top of that, The Coil’s accessibility upgrades will certainly provide some useful data on player numbers at a time when Destiny 2 looking to explore more long-term operations like The Coil if the community is up for the challenge.

Assessing the long-term viability of trials like these will be important in shaping this Destiny 2 Later Final shape in June. Just this week, game director Joe Blackburn announced his departure from Bungie ahead of the expansion’s launch, with Bungie veteran Tyson Green taking over. It’s unclear what the future holds, but experimentation through the game’s unique seasonal activities could be the foundation on which that future is built.

Players can look forward to enjoying an improved experience in The Coil when updated Wishing Glass Shard drop rates release next Tuesday, February 6. This will be the perfect week for grinding Destiny 2with double rewards to be won in Nightfall and the return of Relic to the Crucible.