Blog - February 5, 2024

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach will be released on PC?

Death Stranding 2: On the beach is something that has been awaited for a long time Death trapped sequel from legendary developer Hideo Kojima. It is being developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and with so many people eager to play it, fans want to know if it will be released on computer. Here’s what we know.

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Death Stranding 2: On the Beach: Will it be released on PC?

Hopefully one day it will be on PC. Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

Death Stranding 2: On the beach will does not launch on PC and will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 when it launches in 2025, as Sony revealed during the company’s latest State of Play broadcast on January 31.

EQUAL Trapped death 2 being published by Sony, it’s no surprise that this game will be exclusive to PS5. However, it may eventually launch on PC, in the same way Death trapped launches on PC a year after the end of the PS4 exclusive period.

Will Trapped death 2 Launching on Xbox?

If you don’t like puppets, this game may not be for you. Image via Kojima Productions

Because Death trapped two is being published by PlayStation and is a PlayStation exclusive game, it it’s unlikely we’ll see it launch on Xbox. While it’s unfortunate for Xbox players, it’s common for publishers like Sony to publish games that can only be played on their consoles.

What Trapped death 2 About?

Death trapped two is the sequel to Death trapped. It will continue to follow the main character, Samand his companions as they embark on a new journey to save humanity from extinction while trying to get through dangerous obstacles and even more dangerous and Otherworldly enemies. In the first real trailer for the title, you can see the various environments, technology, weapons and vehicles you can access and even the series’ villain, who we see in the same video what looks like a Joker holding a guitar, resembling a machine.

We don’t have an official date yet but we know Trapped death 2 will be one of the biggest and most anticipated releases of 2025, even if it’s only on PS5.