Blog - February 5, 2024

CS2’s latest FPS ‘wallhack’ threatens to break the game

ONE Counterattack 2 professional has discovered an annoying bug related to the game’s FPS counter, where teams rushing together across maps can cause very noticeable frame drops, which opponents can use Use that drop as a light “wallhack”.

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Ľuboš “HenkkyG” Ilko, a player for Czech team eSuba, pointed out the FPS error in a video on X (formerly Twitter) on February 4. In the clip, which takes place on the Ancient map, HenkkyG stares staring at the wall, where, on the map, the terrorist squad is rushing through the spawn tunnel and towards bomb site B. Even though HenkkyG doesn’t actually see anything on his screen, the FPS counter His vibrated violently as the T ran across the water and up to the B.

In the old days, you could easily get information if Ts were rushing b or how many players were ahead of b just by looking at your FPS.

For example: If your FPS drops to 400 then it’s a B rush and otherwise it’s the default setting

— Ľuboš Ilko (@henkkygcs) February 4, 2024

Starting the clip at over 700 FPS, the T hurtles through the water — out of sight and out of ear — causing HenkkyG’s framerate to drop significantly. As T cleared the water and approached the ramp, HenkkyG’s FPS counter read 400, but he still hadn’t seen or heard anything. When player T stops at the ramp, his FPS will increase back to 700.

Important information like this can severely impact the competitive integrity of a ranked person or even a professional player. CS2 match—and the problem may not even be limited to Ancient. Other maps, such as Anubis and Overpass, also contain interactable bodies of water, but unlike Ancient, locations with water are close enough to bombsites where CT will hear or see the opposition at the same time. at the time.

Meanwhile, Ancients only have water in T to spawn, with very little action happening outside of the start of each round. That’s been a criticism leveled at a number of maps over the years, with a lot of work being done on unrelated parts of the map, such as Nuke spawn points or castles now removed near T appearing on Cobblestone in CS GO.

Water has competitive advantages, such as emitting a louder audio signal whenever someone walks in or drops a weapon or equipment into it, but now it seems to break the game in a big way. competition, one wonders whether it is still necessary on Ancient.

Time will tell how and if Valve approaches this bug CS2 Developers will try to find ways to fix or completely eliminate the water.