Blog - February 7, 2024

CS2 players praise A Call to Arms update, declaring ‘game is finally playable’

Valve was surprised CS2 community by rolling out a major update on February 6 called A Call to Arms. It introduces some new features and solves some problems of CS2 biggest problems and players are praising the patch, claiming that they can finally enjoy the game.

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of CS2 The Call to Arms update makes so many big changes, it’s hard to outline the most important ones. The return of Arms Race mode and beloved maps like Baggage and Shoots are certainly standout features. Players are also celebrating other welcome changes, like the Refund to All button, the Kukri Knife, the new Kilowatt box, and peeps’ advantage adjustments.

“The refund button exists, the game is finally playable,” a top comment on Reddit wrote. This is a great quality of life feature that allows you to get refunds on all purchased items as long as the purchase term has not ended. It’s a small but very convenient feature, especially when you change your strategy at the last minute.

A player holding a Kukri Knife in CS2.The new knife skin looks sweet. Screenshot via Gemsri Gregory via YouTube

On top of that, the developers have finally put the peeps’ advantage under the microscope. They reduced the advantage by 16ms, so now it’s a lot more balanced. The community has reacted positively to the news, but players know they will need to examine it thoroughly before praising Valve.

While it’s still too early to be sure, A Call to Arms is shaping up to be an excellent patch. “It may be copium but the game brings the best, closest feeling to CS GO we have and i hate it,” user X wrote. There were hundreds of similar reactions on social media: “Interested + asked + thank you,” said one comment on Reddit.

However, that’s hardly surprising. For most of December and January, Valve remained silent without making many meaningful changes CS2. Player frustration has reached new heights, but the latest patch gives the community much-needed relief by addressing some major concerns.