Blog - February 8, 2024

CS2 players don’t understand why Valve added the ‘cheap mobile game’ feature to the latest patch

On February 6, Valve released the A Call to Arms update for Counterattack 2. It added several new features including a new XP Overload icon, but players believed it was pointless.

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A day after the A Call to Arms update, players were discussing XP Overload on Reddit. Many fans don’t understand why it’s in the game, as it doesn’t change anything other than showing that we’ve been playing regularly over the past week. As a result, players called it a “cheap mobile game” that did not belong in a competitive game like CS2.

“I don’t care and no one cares how much other people have played. I also don’t care about other people seeing how much I’ve played. This is just trash on my screen,” one of the top comments wrote. Almost every reaction was the same.

Image of the XP Overload icon next to a player's name in CS2.XP Overload icon in kill feed. Image via Van

This feature gives you the XP Overload icon after you have earned all your normal weekly XP and activates the reduced XP gain. This icon shows up on the scoreboard and was originally shown on the kill feed, but Valve removed it from the latter in the February 7 patch. In addition to being an aesthetic addition America, it’s no different.

Earning XP is an overlooked feature CS2 for starters, for a good reason. You can claim two random items to level up, like a case and a simple skin. But besides that, like XP Overload, it doesn’t matter much.

While the community is confused why Valve added a feature that no one asked for CS2, in general, they like the latest update. It added the iconic Arms Race game mode, a new knife case and sheath, and tweaked key gameplay aspects, like the peep’s advantage and hitting issues. diacritics.