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Counter-Strike 2: CS2’s rarest knife skins, ranked

I’m pretty sure Valve could never realize the need for counterattack interface when they first rolled out the Weapon Trading update over a decade ago.

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They certainly did not foresee the cost of the knife skins, which by accident or luck brought them to ridiculous prices. Here are a selection of rare knife skins that will have you shelling out big bucks—or rolling out some incredible odds—to get your hands on.

The rarest and most valuable knife leathers CS2

Honorable Mention: No Star Karambit

Starless Karambit in all its glory. Image via ohnePixel

Back in the day, scams and copying problems were rampant in the industry CS GO; So much so that Valve had to directly step in and restore some players’ items. Not all of these recoveries were justified as some players falsely reported their items as stolen and received duplicates.

One player during that time was lucky enough to encounter a Steam Support employee who didn’t really know what they were doing and restored his Karambit without the star attached to the name. By all accounts, this is currently the rarest knife skin in the game, one that is truly one-of-a-kind and created through human error.

It’s poetic to know that someone was robbed and ended up making huge profits from it. The knife is now in a private collection and The owner doesn’t want to sell itso we can only guess its actual price.

10) Crimson Web Karambit

An example of the Factory New Web Karambit Crimson, listed for approximately $8,000. Screenshot of Dot Esports

This entry is not related to a specific example of a theme but rather an entire category or category of a category if you will. The Karambit Crimson Web Factory New Skin is an extremely rare version that only a handful of players have ever unlocked, and those who have have divided them into quality levels, by model.

The Karambit Crimson Web level one model can fetch Kukri’s crazy prices and in Factory new quality it was sold for via 14,000 USD with lower value counterparts also selling for approx 10,000 USD, give or take. The CS2 The leather craze has seen massive inflation in leather prices—the boxes themselves nearly tripled in price by 2023—and evaluating a leather accurately can be difficult, but Crimson Web Factory New Karambit is always a top address among knife enthusiasts.

9) Ruby Doppler Karambit

Karambit Doppler rubies are one of the most expensive leathers in the world CS2. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Ruby Doppler Karambit is one of the best looking skins in the game. I like to think of it as the poor man’s Crimson Web, even though the prices are by no means out of a poor man’s reach. Doppler rubies can cost up to 10,000 USD and sell for approx 8,000 USD on a normal day with some rarer models and float values ​​reaching even higher levels.

Ruby Karambit Doppler is one of the most affected skins in this world. CS2 prices increased and at one point tripled the original price. Prices have gradually decreased since full release CS2 but still much higher than before.

8) Sapphire Doppler butterfly knife

Doppler Sapphire is one of the most valuable skins in the game CS2, usually with an average price of nearly $20,000. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Butterfly knife itself is one of the more expensive knife leathers in CS2. Attach a little color to it and you’ve got yourself a pixelated item that can command obscene price tags for arbitrary reasons, and we can’t forget that sick animation.

The Sapphire Doppler is one of the more obvious deals. Being so rare in nature due to its blue pattern, the leather can reach an astronomically high average price. A good example sells for approx 15,000 USDwhile more pristine versions can reach even higher levels 20,000 USD Or more. This skin is owned by a handful of players and while not as rare as some of the others on the list, it is just as desirable due to its sophistication and looks and they are not wrong—the skin looks amazing .

7) Vanilla Kukri Knife

The latest Kukri knife is extremely expensive. Screenshot of Dot Esports

First major CS2 The 2024 update added the Kukri Knife, which comes in various variants, including Stained, Case Hardened, Slaughter, and Blue Steel. However, the vanilla version, which features black steel, is by far the most expensive on the market. It’s around $2,000 on the Steam Market, but that price is sure to increase.

The Kukri knife has a unique design that will definitely win the hearts of many people CS2 player. Each of its versions has something appealing. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes popular—and affordable.

6) Emerald Gamma Doppler Butterfly Knife

Gamma Dopplers can cost astronomical amounts, depending on the market. Screenshot of Dot Esports

While some of the themes on the list may have cheap themes Emerald Gamma Doppler Butterfly Knife really no. The skin goes from everywhere around 18,000 USD ARRIVE 25,000 USD depending on quantity, availability and demand, and this is one of the most expensive leathers available.

The StatTrak versions are not priced higher than their regular counterparts, and while it’s hard to see those numbers flashing on the blade, it’s not an attractive option when discussing a lane skin like an Emerald Butterfly.

5) Ruby Doppler bayonet M9

Doppler Ruby is a sword from hell. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Ruby M9 bayonet Doppler is a curious case and its price is directly correlated to its float value. The average floating price can still reach sky-high prices of approx 10,000 USD ARRIVE 12,000 USD and low floats can go beyond that into highly valuable untapped lands.

The leather has the same finish as the Karambit Ruby mentioned above and it’s all a great combination of design and color that will appeal to anyone.

4) StatTrak M9 Sapphire Doppler Bayonet

Imagine swinging around this giant piece of metal containing a meteorite. Screenshot of Dot Esports

It seems to me that the only skins players want are Doppler or variations thereof. The M9 Bayonet Doppler Sapphire is a great knife, if a bit large, and looks impressive in its purple color. The more expensive version of this knife is reserved for its StatTrak variant as the regular version costs from a few thousand to around 8,000 USD.

However, StaTrak variants can go up to 15,000 USD on a good day and price increases combined with lack of supply continue to impact its price fluctuations and availability. As a result, the exact value of this knife becomes more difficult to determine.

3) Butterfly knife Doppler black pearl

Black Pearl Butterfly Knife looks delicious. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Different from other Fades and Doppler effects in the world by the absolute richness of colors, Black Pearl Doppler Knife Butterfly is a marvel to look at. In my opinion, this leather goes above and beyond other Dopplers when it comes to giving the blade a nice glossy finish that really makes you feel like you are holding a real blade.

However, this pleasure will cost you because the skin can peel off from everywhere around 10,000 USD ARRIVE 15,000 USD depending on how the market feels that day. StatTrak options generally hover around the same price although there have been cases where more items have been listed.

2) Crimson Talon knife webbing

Real poor man’s Karambit Crimson Web. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Compared to Karambit Crimson Web, Talon Knife of the save variant can be expensive and valuable depending on the float value and sample it reaches. The best templates, such as the one seen here, can be used 14,000 USD Medium.

The version here is also the StatTrak version which may push its price up a bit but the focus is on samples and floats and the addition of StatTrak is a complete consideration. The lowest possible float costs the same as the perfect Karambit Crimson Web and comes close or surpasses it 20,000 USD Easily. However, Talon is no longer popular.

1) Hard-shelled blue gemstone Karambit (specimen 387)

A real blue gem doesn’t have any gold on it. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Rarely is there a knife inside CS2 can come close to community value and price as a match The Karambit “Blue Gem” case is hardened. A buyer once offered a huge price 1.5 million USD for the skin and its owner refused, claiming that the price offered was low.

Blue gemstones, especially Model 387 with float level 0.008 has a completely blue blade and no visible yellow at all, similar to what you can see in the image above. The leather is a highly coveted collector’s item and that price tag is proof enough. It may be the most expensive skin in the CS2 in general, competing with the likes of AWP Dragon Lore, AWP Gungnir, AK47 Case Hardened, etc. The story of its existence is loved by the community and there will likely be no skin more valuable than this.