Blog - February 4, 2024

Confusing Pokémon posts have fans eagerly awaiting Black and White remake news

Pokémon The release cycle has become predictable over the past 20 years, with Game Freak taking advantage of the three to four year period to develop a mix of new games and remakes of popular titles. older game titles. Now, even a throwaway social media post can send fans into a scavenging frenzy.

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Now then Pokémon Scarlet And purple is essentially done with the conclusion of the DLC roadmap, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting what’s to come. And, with the reveal of one Black Pokémon And White remake of some kind was widely predicted to happen before the end of February, a recent string of social media posts fueled the fire.


— Pokémon (@Pokemon) February 3, 2024

Within an hour, officials Pokémon The Twitter account shared two different videos showing different endings Black And White where N flies away on the back of Reshiram or Zekrom. Both were shared without context, leading to confusion and jumping to conclusions in the responses as lines were drawn about a potential remaster announcement to come with the unannounced version. Pokémon Presentation for February 27.

We’re now more than two years removed from Gen IV’s remakes Brilliant diamonds And Bright pearls released in mixed form, faithful to the DS classics. Besides, Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire’s The revamped approach to Generation III turns 10 years old in 2024. There’s no consensus on what fans want from a Generation V remake, but there are connections here to some Recent content.

Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem can all be caught in Pokémon Scarlet And Violet’s indigo disc after you complete the game’s story—which Pokémon The Twitter account admitted it hours before posting other videos. It’s also important to note that Blueberry Academy is located in the Unova region, which automatically links the latest Generation IX content to Generation V.

It’s likely we won’t see any Black and White remakes on Pokémon Day. We could get another Pokémon Legends title instead, or maybe something completely out of left field. Regardless, The Pokémon Company churned out some out-of-context videos from the very games players were expecting news about as a way to boost engagement leading up to the event.