Blog - February 5, 2024

CoD campaigns are said to ‘cover’ controversial open-world gameplay in the future

The days are straightforward and linear Call of duty Campaign missions may be a thing of the past.

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Next fish, rumored to be titled Black Gulf War, “preparing to launch an open-world campaign,” according to a new report from Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. But it won’t be the same Modern warfare 3 “open combat missions” are controversial.

Group of soldiers standing around the plane crash at MW3.Time to explore? Image via Activision

According to Henderson sources, the new CoD The campaign “was built from the ground up, rather than using content from previous entries” like of MW3 Open combat missions, tasking players with reused objectives Battlefield maps like Verdansk and Urzikstan.

This news may worry many players, especially those who have already played of MW3 campaigns and experience open combat missions, which many decry as copy-paste, “Battlefield with a cut scene experience” seems more like an exhibition of previous battle royale maps than anything else in an effort to lengthen the already short storyline.

The new campaign, said to be being developed by Main Battlefield lead developer Raven Software, will instead have players “and their teams” (with returning characters like Adler) navigating an open-world map “similar to that of Cry Away“More than what? CoD player can be used in previous campaign entries.

Beyond 2024, Henderson said next year CoD (apparently “no lead developer has been appointed yet”), has also been “proposed” to make its campaign open world “with the map divided into various biomes/locations” .

There is currently no release date or official title for it CoD 2024 is not yet planned, but the game could be developed by Treyarch, whose full final title is Black Ops Cold War in 2020. Given CoD history, the new game will likely release in October or November, with the reveal taking place this summer.