Blog - February 5, 2024

CoD 2025 is said to still not have a main developer

Less than two years from the expected release date, CoD 2025 reportedly still without a lead developer.

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Based on leaks and rumors, fans can predict what will happen in the next few years. Call of duty. Code 204 rumored to be another Treyarch Black Ops game set in the Gulf War, including controversial open-world campaign missions, the return of round-based games Zombiesand classic multiplayer maps.

Jumpship Operator for MW3It’s unclear what Activision plans to do with it CoD in 2025. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After that, all signs point to Infinity Ward taking the helm CoD 2026 and Sledgehammer Games regain control in 2027. However, there is a gap in the 2025 timeline as to who will be in charge.

Sledgehammer Games and High Moon Studios are said to have dropped out of the running CoD 2025

Call of duty 2025 (20 months since release) has no designated lead developer,” Insider Gaming reporter Tom Henderson stated today. “According to my understanding, it was originally SHG, but continued the 16-month development cycle of MW3they basically said no and didn’t want to be a ‘year 2 support studio’.”

As the clock ticks towards a potential November 2025 release date, CoD 2025 is on track to have another short period of historical growth, similar to what happened with the MW3.

As previously reported, Sledgehammer Games is said to have been forced to finish Modern warfare 3 campaign for about 16 months, the shortest development for one CoD game for many years. The developers denied claims that the game was made in a hurry, but community members objected of MW3 The campaign was short because it did not meet expectations.

Henderson added that High Moon Studios is also in the process of becoming the fourth studio to develop a game. CoD game, but it is unclear whether it is still active or not. “I believe it will probably end up in the hands of Treyarch Games,” Henderson said.

20 months is still a long way off, but the short development period doesn’t bode well CoD in the past.