Reviews - January 28, 2024

Cheaper at launch: The Rogbid Model A smartwatch runs Android, works with LTE, and offers blood pressure monitoring and a camera.

In terms of health tracking, Rogbid promises that in addition to the usual 24/7 monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SpO2), Model A will also measure blood pressure. However, it is questionable how accurate the results will be. There’s also the usual activity tracking and various sports modes.

What’s unique is that Rogbid Model A uses Android as its operating system. This gives you access to a variety of Google apps, including Google Play and Google Maps for navigation via GPS. Another rarity is that an HD camera is built into the bottom of the 1.69-inch AMOLED display, allowing video calls, etc.

Other features of the Rogbid Model A include an 800mAh battery, 3GB + 32GB storage, WiFi, 4G connectivity and Bluetooth as well as various other features such as music playback, face unlock and video player. All of this is housed in an IP67 certified zinc alloy chassis.