Blog - February 7, 2024

CDL experts are testing new guns from MW3 season 2 update but they are not usable in Ranked Play

Part two’s BP50 AR and RAM-9 SMG attracted the attention of Call of duty Professional League, but MW3 Ranked players do not have the luxury of testing either weapon.

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CDL pros rarely change the weapons they use over the course of a season. IN CoD: Modern Warfare 2, for example, the TAQ 56 is the AR of choice, while the Vazenv-9K is the SMG of choice. The M4 and ISO Hemlock AR were almost as controversial, but both weapons were banned, leaving a two-gun meta for the entire season.

BP50 MW3BP50 has a great chance to usurp MCW. Image via Activision

MW3 However, it could be a different story, as the nerfs to MCW and Rival-9 have jeopardized their competitive futures.

MCW and Rival 9 nerfs open the door for new ARs and SMGs in CDL and Ranked Play

In the Reload Part One update, MCW increased sprint shot duration and two popular attachments had their benefits reduced. Additionally, one of the Rival 9’s best attachments has also been downgraded.

Then in part two, Sledgehammer Games doubled down by increasing MCW’s down aim time by 10% and sprint time by 5%, slowing down AR significantly. As a result, CDL experts began testing the BP50 AR and RAM-9 in practice matches to see if these guns were powerful enough to replace either weapon.

OpTic Texas analyst and coach JP said today that a new meta is developing. Los Angeles head coach Guerrillas Veohz backed up that claim by revealing that “RAM-9 is also being tested as a replacement for Rival.”

Although both season two weapons were tested in CDL practice, Treyarch banned the BP50 and RAM-9 from use. MW3 Ranked players before they could see the light of day.

If the pros finally decide to use the new weapon in official matches, the developers can always go back and lift the AR and SMG ban. But for now, Ranked Play’s competitors are stuck with MCW and Rival 9 for the foreseeable future.