Call of Duty - Esports News - February 1, 2024

Call of Duty’s Season 02 update looks fantastic.

A new season full of content for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone launches on February 7th. It’s a massive update with an intense roadmap with weapons, modes, maps, and more. Whether you enjoy multiplayer, Warzone, or COD Zombies gameplay, there are top spreads available for all players. Season 02 will feature a massive Walking Dead crossover event introducing new operators, variant maps, and special modes.

This is one of the most packed Call of Duty updates we’ve seen in a long time. With seven new maps, four new weapons, tons of new gear, and the return of Fortune’s Keep, there’s a lot to wrap your head around ahead of February 7th. Let’s take a closer look at the Season 02 update and see what’s coming for Call of Duty. Within a few days.

What’s happening with the Call of Duty Season 02 update?

Call of Duty Season 02 RoadmapCall of Duty Season 02 Roadmap

Image Credit: Activision

There’s something special in store for Warzone fans this time around, as ranked play is confirmed to be a core part of the Season 02 update. It takes place in Fortune’s Keep and utilizes a trio-based respawn mode that allows users to climb the ranks in more challenging environments. The Warzone theme also includes brand-new events, killstreaks, and power-ups to discover and secure. Four new weapons also help make an appearance in the game. Time will tell if this weapon will make it into the Warzone meta.

  • BP50(AR)
  • RAM-9 (SMG)
  • SOA Translator (DMR)
  • Soulrender (Melee)

For multiplayer fans, the Season 02 update adds (technically) seven new maps to MW3. There’s a lot of focus on the new micromap, Stash House, but special attention should also be given to the new ‘transformation’ map. As for the Walking Dead crossover, you can play ‘Skidgrow’ and ‘Airborne’. This comes alongside other new maps like Vista, Departures, Operation Tin Man, and Das Haus Remastered. When new modes for this map come out, players can enjoy Team Gun Game, Bounty, Snipers Only, and Hordepoint.

But it doesn’t end here

That’s not all that’s available in the Season 02 update. There’s an all-new Battle Pass that includes Rick Grimes (unlocked for free), and Michonne will be available in a bundle during the season. There’s a Dune crossover event, five special modes, and plenty of content for MWZ fans. Season 02 adds a huge amount of content. This is one of the biggest updates we’ve seen recently.

In addition to everything we’ve listed, a new and already underwhelming ninja vest is coming to MW3. This vest allows players to remain immune to effects that silence their footsteps and slow their movement speed (e.g. stun grenades). It also boasts thrown ammo and will restock throwing knives over time. It’s sure to become a favorite item for many players.

Are you excited for Season 02 to begin? It is scheduled for global release on February 7th.

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