Call of Duty - Esports News - February 5, 2024

Call for mandate to make ‘open world campaigns’ standard, report claims

A recent report has revealed that Call of Duty 2024 will ’embrace’ an open-world campaign created entirely from scratch. This will be the first of many as the report suggests this will be the norm for COD campaigns beyond COD 2024, which could be a ‘Black Ops Gulf War’. In recent years, Activision’s studio has been working to make Call of Duty a broader, more open franchise, but it hasn’t yet branched out into a fully open world. Will we see our first open world environment in Call of Duty 2024?

An exclusive report highlights that Call of Duty 2025, which does not yet have a lead developer lined up, will also be an open-world title. Over the past few years, open world titles have gone from strength to strength, with many becoming much more impressive over time. We’ve seen massive cosmic-scale maps, massive biomes, and total freedom presented to players in some of the most amazing ways in any recent game. Why shouldn’t Call of Duty follow suit and give players a huge, immersive world?

The first open world COD game?

Call of Duty Open WorldCall of Duty Open World

The report said that Call of Duty 2024’s premise will see players (with their squad) exploring ‘Far Cry-like’ maps. There will be good evidence that a fast travel system will be needed, and vehicles will also be available. This is by no means a new concept in the Call of Duty space. Major titles have featured land-, sea-, and air-based vehicles over the years. It’s unclear exactly how big this open world environment will be.

Black Ops can arguably be the biggest Call of Duty sub-franchise ever created. It’s a rival to Modern Warfare, but while Modern Warfare is a complete reboot, the Black Ops timeline spans five games all tied together. This year’s title, rumored to be ‘Black Ops Gulf War’, will be the sixth Black Ops title to be released.

Last year, Modern Warfare 3 was released and received a relatively positive response. Although Modern Warfare 2’s success was somewhat hampered by claims that it was ‘just DLC’, the multiplayer platform was where it shined. There was a very short campaign that could be completed in just three hours, but the COD Zombies mode attached to the game had a lot of bones on the bone to appease players. Expectations are high for this year’s Call of Duty title, which has reportedly been in development for several years and has Raven Software putting together the campaign.

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