Blog - February 7, 2024

Blizzard dashed hopes of a major quality of life change in WoW SoD phase 2

Classic World of Warcraft The second phase discovery season is approaching. While fans were patiently preparing for the launch, the main assistant Classic WoW designer Tim Jones and senior game producer Josh Greenfield revealed that a major change in quality of life will not occur in phase two.

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In an interview with OH Content creator Josh “Countdown” Corbett on February 5, first noted by Wowhead, Josh Greenfield announced that the nameplate distance will not increase to 41 yards in phase two.

“There are also some things like the 41-yard nameplate distance; We’re a bit of an exception when it comes to calling it a change in quality of life. Objectively, it’s really a huge systemic change in gameplay […] For example, if you go into a cave, a multi-level cave, and the distance on the nameplate is 41 yards that will drastically impact the information available to you,” Greenfield explained.

But not all hope is lost. Developers may implement this change in the future, the senior game maker said. Once they increased the distance range on the nameplate to 41 yards, they “probably wouldn’t have been able to make it” and Classic The development team needs to be very careful about changes that affect gameplay. Fans have been waiting for this quality of life update for a while, especially for ranged specs like Sharpshooter and Frost Mage. Many players were hoping the change would come with the phase two patch, but we’ll have to wait a little longer.

If you are not familiar with internal nameplate spacing Classic WoW, I will quickly explain. That’s the range from which you can see the nameplates of creatures (including their names and health bars) in Azeroth. This gives you more control in combat, as you can easily spot enemies from greater distances and monitor their health and location. IN Classic WoW, nameplate range is only 20 yards, but the standard range of many spells (like Blizzard for mages) is 30 yards. So you usually can’t see your enemies’ health bars even though you need to keep them at a distance. Hopefully Blizzard will increase the nameplate spacing for phase three.