Blog - February 1, 2024

‘Big dub’: Palworld players celebrate big patch that fixed dozens of game-breaking issues

Palworld is the most successful game of 2024 so far, but that doesn’t mean the developers at Pocketpair are just sitting around celebrating. Today, they released the game’s biggest patch yet, which resolved dozens of issues and bugs, many of which players had been complaining about since launch.

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Latest Palworld The patch, released on January 31, implemented 25 separate additions or fixes in an effort to improve the game for the 19 million players (and counting) who have installed the game since it launches on January 19. Whether that reduces the chance of random crashes or causes Pals in your base to behave less erratically in certain cases, Pocketpair teases. Treat players to another big dub before February begins.

Cattiva is raised by players in PalworldThis patch feels nothing but good. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Following major fixes, the game is now less likely to crash, and an exploit that made it possible for other players to capture each other’s Friends when they were below 30% health has been patched—along with new measures. Additional measures to prevent theft. This is important news as Pocketpair continues its efforts to improve the overall stability of the game and combat cheaters who take advantage of other players.

On the player side, a bug when playing online can cause you to take damage from certain actions twice, equip armor glitches, as well as issues related to the camera and wall penetration when left on. Mourning and dismounting have all been resolved. Players can even move around while exceeding the current weight limit, whereas previously you would be stuck in place unless you dropped items.

The biggest part of the patch deals with mechanics and interactions between bases, such as reducing the chance of your Friends assigned to a base getting stuck, taking “unexplained” fall damage. or the item cannot be shipped. You also now have a better chance of preventing fires from destroying wooden parts of your base as fires will now spread more slowly throughout buildings.

Players have responded to this update by flooding Pocketpair’s social networks with positive comments, calling this a “huge W” and wishing that more studios would act quickly and communicate like Palworld team with its patches and roadmap plan. Even some of the smaller changes like switching the default input for picking up Pals in your base from

The only downside to this patch is that the Xbox version continues to receive updates more slowly, although Pocketpair is currently actively working with Microsoft to improve the game and implement features like dedicated servers on the control panel. And if you find yourself unable to play after this update, you can make sure your servers are up to date.