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BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai: Yatoro never gets bored against rivals Ame

In the high-stakes competition at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, Team Spirit faced strong rivals despite being considered the top dogs. In their group stage match against Xtreme Gaming, they ended the best-of-two series with a 1-1 draw. After this highly competitive series, Team Spirit’s star carry Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk shared his thoughts on competing with Wang.AmeChunyu recognizes Ame as not just an opponent but a worthy rival.

Yatoro expressed it in a recent interview with him (Ame), I’m never really bored,” highlights the excitement Ame brings to the tournament.

Yator vs AmeYator vs Ame

Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk (Image source: The International 2021)

Yatoro vs Ame clash expected

The match between Yatoro and Ame was one of the most anticipated battles of the tournament and captured the attention of fans and players alike. Despite the series ending in a draw, Yatoro reflected positively on the encounter, saying it was enjoyable and challenging.

However, he considers Team Spirit’s loss in the second game to be his fault, indicating that a win for the entire series may have been possible under different circumstances.

beautiful dota

In the same post-match interview, Yatoro’s respect for Ame shone through as he discussed Ame’s performance, particularly highlighting his Naga Siren gameplay against the BetBoom team. Yatoro praised Ame’s play as one of the most incredible carry performances he’s seen in the past year, and applauded Ame’s strategic moves, team fight execution, and overall gameplay.

This was Ame’s first professional match after a year-long hiatus following the International 2022 (TI11). Xtreme Gaming picked up an impressive win in the second game, defeating the BetBoom team that featured Naga Siren. 4-1-14 K.D.A.

Bonus Play:

A specific example of Ame’s calculated play was during Nightfall’s match against Faceless Void. Ame, playing Anti-Mage, expertly countered Nightfall’s attempt to use Chronosphere, demonstrating his ability to anticipate and neutralize his opponent’s key plays. This move successfully prevented Nightfall’s escape with just one click.

Ame’s Road to Recovery

Ame’s road back to the competitive Dota 2 scene began last month. After a year’s hiatus after TI11, Ame embarked on a grueling schedule of pub matches, taking part in an extensive series of games (28 Dota 2 matches a day) to hone his skills and regain his edge. Despite facing challenges, Ame’s dedication to Dota 2 is undeniable and it shows his determination to get back to the top of competitive Dota 2.

Wang "Ame" Chunyu at TI 2021Wang "Ame" Chunyu at TI 2021

Wang “Ame” Chunyu (Image courtesy of The International 2021)

Yatoro’s ‘endorsement’ of Ame’s main form and the rivalry between them make BetBoom Dacha 2024 Winter a must-see event. A second round is expected to take place in Dubai from February 4 to 16 between these two prodigies, with a generous $1 million prize money at stake.