Dota 2 - Esports News - February 2, 2024

BetBoom Biggest Dota 1v1 Tournament Set for Dacha Winter 2024

The esteemed BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 is set to host the much-anticipated 1v1 Dota 2 tournament, promising a thrilling experience with the main event. The organizers officially announced the lineup of participants, which includes famous midfielders, but surprisingly, non-carry players are also participating.

Well, there is an impressive prize pool $100,000 Therefore, even strong support players may want to consider a career change at BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024.

Betboom Dacha Winter Dubai 1v1 Dota Betboom Dacha Winter Dubai 1v1 Dota

BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 (Image credit: FISSURE)

BetBoom Dacha 1v1 tournament participant

As previously mentioned, solo Dota 2 tournaments are unique in that they include players in a variety of roles, including mid laners, who are typically the focus of 1v1 matchups, but also supports, popular streamers, and even coaches.

This diverse roster promises longer tournament brackets as well as unpredictable competition. Nonetheless, while specific details of the tournament format have not yet been revealed, the known participants so far are:

  • Armel “ArmelPaul Tavios
  • Anucha “jabs“Jirawong
  • roo “roo” Jen
  • the most “duck” Zhao Yang
  • page “Faith_bian” noise
  • page “fate” not
  • pee”fy” Lens
  • Matthew “rest“Vashnin
  • Vitali “get-“Melnik
  • Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Kertek
  • Daniel”gpk~“Scootin
  • Daniel “Stormstormer“Shoe Chow
  • Nicholas “Gunnar” Lopez
  • Ding”die” bean
  • Lin “XXX” jing
  • Queen “queen” Callahan
  • free”Cy-” Larsen
  • BonkiBoi
  • Mikhail “Missha“Agatov
  • It’s different”bzmBogdanov
  • Matthew “ari” Walker
  • Igor “iLTWFilatov
  • Zaur”CumanShakhmurzaev
  • Stanislav “Malr1ne“Photo lock
  • Amar “ATF“Al Asaf
  • Jingjun “sneaking” right

Favorite Players in 1v1 Solo Dota 2 Tournaments

Among the 26 strong entrants, there are a few particularly notable ones, especially those who excel in the mid lane role. Among them are “queen” Callahan of Gaimin Gladiators, who enters the tournament with a reputation as a player who can win. However, other mid-game contenders such as Stormstormer, gpk, Gunnar, and bzm are also gaining attention, ranking high on the Immortal leaderboard among other mid-games.

Queen of TI 2023Queen of TI 2023

Quinn at the International 2023

The tournament will also feature players typically associated with hard carry and offline roles, including Faith_bian, lou, ATF, and Xxs. Their participation makes the competition more intense as players face more difficult scenarios that require them to play alone. After all, their role traditionally involves another team member.

Interestingly, underdog support players entering solo mid matchups are also attracting attention. TORONTOTOKYO, a former mid laner for Team Spirit and a household name, is one player who challenges the traditional expectations of support players in 1v1 Dota 2 tournaments.

honorable mention

In addition to the confirmed few, expectations are also rising for the return of players such as Ori and Ame who recently announced their retirement. The presence of seasoned players adds a sense of nostalgia to the event as they are legendary players.

Let’s not forget the potential involvement of top players from Team Spirit and Team Liquid like Illya.Yatoro“Muliachuk, Dennis”Lal“Sighitov, Magomed.”fallen“Kalilov and Michał”Nisha” Jankowski. The two teams are competing at BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024, but it seems they have not yet confirmed their participation.

BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 will be held in Dubai from February 4 to 16 and will feature 12 teams. As the event gets closer, anticipation grows for the final list of participants, promising a highly anticipated solo tournament.