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Best supported pairing with Lucian in LoL.

If you’re wondering what supports Lucian typically plays with, here are the five best champions to play with him in Season 14.

Best Lucian SupportBest Lucian Support

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Best support for playing with Lucian in LoL

Lucian has always been a satisfying champion, especially for ADC players. There’s nothing more fun than driving down the enemy team and dealing damage while dashing and dodging all their spells.

Even with an easy and familiar kit, Lucian will take a lot of time to master and maximize his potential. He needs good mechanical ability as well as a good support partner to help him get into a position where he can snowball. Yes, compared to other ADCs, Lucian is almost essential in the game plan because he needs to be ahead to progress the game.

But what is the best support to play with Lucian? We’ve compiled a list of the strongest champions to work with. We’ll take a look at the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos, so you know exactly where their power lies.

Milio – No. 1 Enchanter support for Lucian

If you watch professional matches, you probably already know that Lucian and Milio are the best pairing right now. Whenever you get a chance to hold them together, do so.

Compared to the past, Milio is stronger and promises excellent teamfight potential in the late game. Thanks to his cozy campfire, healing, and shields, he can easily strip Lucian and trigger his Sharpshooter passive to deal extra damage.

Look for short deals in the laning phase and work hard for Lucian once he unlocks his ultimate. If you’re mechanically strong enough, you’ll have no problem snowballing with this duo.

Nami – Best Milio Alternative

If Milio is banned or picked by the enemy team in champion select, he can always select Nami by default.

Nami, one of the most famous combinations, has lost some power in the new season. This is because the champion is a bit weaker than Milio and requires much more synergy. It may take time to string together all the right combinations, but Milio is much more consistent because the risk of failure is much lower.

Nonetheless, Nami offers more aggressive trading potential early on, so if you like playing super aggro, this is your bot duo.

Lucian NamiLucian Nami

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If he can find the opportunity, Lucian can use spell rotation and Nami’s own abilities to chunk half of an enemy’s health bar. Unlocking both ultimates makes their combos even stronger, making the Gunslinger’s kills even more likely. Nami can use her own Tidal Wave (R) to start a fight or prevent enemies from charging, making her versatile for offensive or defensive play.

If you want to climb soloQ or win a game of Clash, play these two together. It takes a bit of adjusting so it will take a few games to get good at it.

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Braum – The most powerful tank support

Sometimes playing an Enchanter doesn’t fit well with your team composition. In these situations, it is better to have a tank champion who can protect your team. Among the list of Watcher champions, Braum is the best choice for Lucian.

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The main reason these two work well together is because of the synergy between Lucian and Braum’s passive skills. As an additional attack, Lucian can easily inflict a shockwave and stun the target. Whether you use them to initiate skirmishes, prepare for ganks, or shut down the enemy team, this duo will always have fantastic combos to use together.

Additionally, Braum can protect Lucian by standing in front of him and tanking enemy abilities with Wall (E). If necessary, you can also cast Glacial Fissure (R) to levitate targets in front of you. Lucian, who has the potential to make a good crowd control chain, is free to reposition and find spots where he can deal damage.

These two used to be the default pairing for Lucian ADCs, but they suffer significant damage losses due to their lack of shields and healing abilities. Don’t play this bot with the intention of making Lucian your team’s primary carry. Treat it more as a utility bot lane.

Thresh – One of Lucian’s most versatile supports.

Lucian and Thresh have a great story that connects them through Lucian’s wife Senna. So it’s not surprising to see them have some chemistry in games as well.

The best thing about the Thresh is how versatile it is. Because he can do multiple things well, he can work with pretty much anyone in bot lane. It requires great mechanics, but the results are definitely rewarding. Thresh has a lot of crowd control that allows Lucian to easily cast spells, and he also provides good peeling tools with his Whip (E) and Lantern (W).

The most important thing to understand about this duo is that they don’t want to be the ones playing aggressively. You try to play kiteback style, with Thresh blocking and damaging anyone who tries to jump on Lucian. With his combo.

This is probably the duo that requires the highest level of trust and harmony between them, so be careful when choosing one.

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Senna – Unconventional support playing with Lucian

If you can’t play Nami or Milio, the other ranged support option is none other than Lucian’s wife, Senna. The main strength of this bot lane duo is their ability to dictate wave management in most matchups, as most duos will not be able to keep up with your momentum.

Senna also has excellent scaling and peeling tools for Lucian, providing healing and shields in addition to damage. But be careful with your positioning. Both are very squishy and can be easily stopped.

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