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Best support for playing Xayah

Want to know the best support for working with Xayah? Here are the 5 best champions that can destroy the enemy bot lane.

Best support xayahBest support xayah

Image Credits | riot games

Best paired with Xayah in LoL.

Rakan – There is no better support for Xayah.

It’s no surprise that Xayah’s partner Rakan comes in first place. 1 Select. The two games were designed by Riot to be played together. Not only do they have matching kits, but they also get additional effects on some of their spells. The biggest advantage of this duo is that they can play both offensively and defensively, and they also share a recall.


Image Credits | riot games

Unfortunately for the bot lane duo, Xayah and Rakan will no longer get matching recall animations going forward. That said, this won’t stop them from being the strongest bot lane pairing.

Blitzcrank – Best support since Rakan

With a lot of active support growing in the current LoL meta, Blitzcrank is becoming increasingly popular, with the second best support behind Rakan. The main reason is that Blitzcrank’s single target crowd control chain is quite long, giving Xayah plenty of time to quickly blast the target in the meantime. And considering that Xayah can skin herself with her ultimate, the chances of Xayah getting caught when the fight starts are pretty slim.

That said, this bot lane duo requires great coordination and great skill in Blitzcrank. The more hooks and combos she can land, the easier it will be for Xayah to win the laning phase and teamfights. Don’t be the first to go on the offensive in ranked games.

Maokai – meta-based engagement support

If you like sticking to the meta and playing Blitzcrank-like games, I recommend giving Maokai a try. The champion has been putting up impressive numbers since the start of the new season and has been a consistent presence in bottom lane alongside most marksman champions. This includes Xayah, who shines in kiteback teamfights. Maokai’s crowd control makes it easy to provide engagement and peeling tools, ensuring that ADCs always have the time they need to get into the right position and deal damage with their feathers.

We’ll see if Maokai is still viable in the coming months, but for now, he’s definitely a viable option.

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Janna – Best Mage Support

While Xayah shines primarily as an engagement support, Janna is one of the few enchanters in the current meta that synergizes well with her. This is because it has plenty of crowd control abilities to set up Xayah’s combos, and also provides additional peeling tools like extra shields and heals. If you play a kiteback setup like you do with Xayah, it will be nearly impossible for her to die as long as Janna is by her side.

The laning phase can feel a bit overwhelming in some matchups, but since you want to survive and mainly focus on farming, it’s not a big deal. Janna’s value starts to rise in her mid-game when things get messy in her teamfights and she can use her abilities to disrupt or prevent her allies from dying. If Xayah can survive and DPS properly, she will greatly increase her chances of winning the game.

Thresh – The most flexible player after Rakan

When it comes to being a versatile champion, not many champions can beat Thresh. Without the added effect of Xayah-Rakan, Thresh would probably be her best support.

Not only can Thresh grab his hook, but he can also help Xayah break free if she focuses on it. Using both the champion’s ultimate and Thresh’s Whip (E) makes it very difficult to bust the ADC.

If Xayah is in a bad position, Thresh can save her by throwing the lantern or using it to take Xayah to the enemy. Overall, Thresh is a great addition to playing with Xayah, so there’s a good chance he can play on his own!

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