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Best support for playing with Jinx in League

If you’re wondering which support works best with Jinx, here are five champions you should play with Jinx in Season 14.

Best Jinx SupportBest Jinx Support

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Best support to play with Jinx in LoL

Whether you play League of Legends or not, you probably know who Jinx is. Jinx, one of the main characters in the Netflix series Arcane, has always been a popular champion in the game. Her familiar kit and her exciting gameplay make Jinx the perfect beginner champion, as well as great satisfaction as you level up her mastery.

Entering the new 2024 season, she remains a decent ADC pick with tremendous late-game carry potential. In other words, Jinx only shines when paired with specific supports that can empower her or synergize with her.

If you’re not sure which champion you should play with Jinx, we’ve put together a list of the most optimal supports that are 100% guaranteed to work with Jinx. We’ll also take a look at the key strengths and weaknesses of this bot lane duo, so you can see exactly why they are as powerful as they are.

Thresh – No. Supports 1 Jinx

Jinx and Thresh are known as a powerful duo in professional play, so it’s no surprise that the two are the strongest combination on this list.

The best thing about Jinx-Thresh is its ability to chain spells and crowd control. Thresh’s crowd control abilities, including his grappling hook, whip (E), and ultimate, are long enough for Jinx to attack or fire and activate his grenade (E).

Thresh JinxThresh Jinx

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Additionally, Thresh does a great job of removing the jinx from his engagement thanks to the Lantern, allowing him to settle down safely. Considering the power of Jinx in the late game as a hyper carry, it is quite difficult for enemies to win the battle because Jinx cannot be blocked.

If you want to climb soloQ, Thresh will always be your main choice to play with Jinx. That said, you’ll need great skill and coordination when playing this pairing, so make sure you master the champion.

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Lulu – Best enchantment support

There are times when engaging support play doesn’t mesh well with your team composition. If this happens, it would be much better to grab an enchanter. Out of all the enchanters in the game, Lulu is the best enchanter for Jinx.

This is because Lulu has great tools to protect her carry. She can constantly protect with E and use Wild Growth (R) or Transformation (W) to neutralize the threat of enemies trying to kill Jinx. No matter what you do with your spells, Lulu gives Jinx plenty of breathing room to kite enemies, reset snacks, and take over the fight.

Their weakness is early game, but unless you’re up against a specific matchup, you’ll be fine in most cases.

Million – Lulu Alternative

Considering that Jinx and Lulu are popular together, there is a high possibility that the latter will be banned. In that case, it’s a good opportunity to pick Milio and have him as your Enchanter alternative. Especially considering that Yuumi is very weak in the current meta.

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The main difference between Milio and Lulu is Cozy Bonfire (W), which increases Jinx’s attack range. With the Fishbone (Q), Jinx can throw the car from a safe distance without being touched. And even if Jinx is engaged, Milio can protect her with her ultimate, removing all of her crowd control and providing additional healing.

However, like Lulu, this bot lane’s early play is no exception. Milio only has one damage spell and it has a high cooldown. Focus on farming and expand into the later stages of the game. This is where this combo starts to shine.

Karma – the choice to stick with the meta

If you are not proficient in Milio or Lulu, I recommend playing Karma as another enchantment alternative. Her support has received a few buffs that turn her into a strong support pick in her meta and gives her peeling abilities similar to the other enchanters seen above.

The biggest difference is that Karma has a more aggressive playstyle compared to Milio and Lulu. You want to suppress enemy bot lanes with constant stabbing and abilities while synergizing with Jinx’s rockets. Use auto attacks and abilities to gain lane priority and force your opponents to lose their farm. In her mid game, give her Jinx her shield to protect her. The additional movement speed allows Jinx to better attack enemies. Once she gets excited (passive) from her fight your mission is complete.

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Rakan – One of the most versatile supports for Jinx in the meta.

The last supports on this list are: Rakan is similar to Thresh when paired with Jinx in the bottom lane. Like the Shadow Isles champion, Rakan provides both engaging and peeling tools for ADC. The laning phase may not be as strong, but Rakan does a better job of finding great engagement opportunities for teamfights, setting up Jinx for quick picks, and allowing him to dominate the fight using his Get Excited passive. do.

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However, this bot lane duo requires great coordination and synergy, especially if you want to play aggressively in 2v2. I wouldn’t suggest playing this duo in ranked games unless you have a fair amount of trust and mechanical ability from both players.

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