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Best support for Miss Fortune in LoL

Wondering what is the best support to play with Miss Fortune in LoL? Here are five of the best champions to play with her.

Miss Fortune Best SupportMiss Fortune Best Support

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5 Best Supports for Miss Fortune lol

Maokai and Miss Fortune for a wombo combo.

Maokai emerged as one of Miss Fortune’s best supports in the new season. The main reason is that Maokai can abuse the new map layout with his saplings, using them to scout for incoming ganks and harass enemies.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Not to mention it offers lock potential with W and R, making it perfect for setting up Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Bullet Time. Combos can be made during the laning phase, but are especially effective in team battles.

Unless Maokai gets repeatedly nerfed, he should remain Miss Fortune’s top support choice.

Thresh – Single target blockade

Image Credit: Riot Games

If you’re looking for another champion that excels at finding and locking down options, consider Thresh. He has a variety of tools and crowd control abilities to set up anything for Miss Fortune, especially his ultimate which slows down enemies by 99% when they go over the wall of the box (R).

But the main difference from Rell is that Thresh also has a lantern that can change Miss Fortune’s location when she is in danger. Miss Fortune must avoid being put in dangerous positions, but she can make a difference in the heat of the moment.

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Zyra – Miss Fortune’s all-purpose tool

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Zyra has a similar effect to Maokai, but the biggest difference is its damage output. The latter focuses more on blocking incoming damage, while Zyra further amplifies burst damage in the bot lane. In terms of laning, you can play more aggressively and punish the enemy laner more if they decide on their tendencies.

In other words, this combination can be a double-edged sword. Especially if you don’t have a tank in your team composition. Whenever your team is at the forefront of different roles (e.g. jungle, tower), Zyra may be a better choice. Especially since it can carry much more load than the Maokai. Otherwise, play a tree champion.

Ash – wombo combo combination

Although one of the hardest picks to master considering their talents, Ashe and Miss Fortune can definitely be the best bot lane combo once mastered. Not only does the Freljord ADC ensure strong poking and laning priority during the laning phase, but these two champions have incredibly powerful combos in their ultimates. As long as Ashe can consistently hit arrows and stun her targets, she can set up MF’s Bullet Time and completely blow away her entire team.

The tricky part about this duo is that without proper positioning, both champions can take quite a bit of punishment, and it’s quite difficult to play with gold and experience shortfalls. Recognizing when to play aggressively and when to play more cautiously is key to maximizing this bot lane duo.

Nautilus – Offensive lane phase

Tristana Nautilus has the best support.Tristana Nautilus has the best support.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Nautilus is another support champion that can build tanks and engage enemies. Depth Charge (R) with the Dredge (Q) and Backflow (E) combo can trap enemy targets for a long time. Considering that her ultimate is unavoidable, Miss Fortune can blast enemies away with Bullet Time once they are down.

2v2 is strong overall as both are excellent at destroying single targets. That said, both champions are weak at getting out of danger due to their low mobility, so you’ll need to watch out for potential ganks and roaming. Keeping up with this duo is essential. Otherwise, recovery is impossible.

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