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Best Striker loadout and class setup in MW3

A returning gun from previous CoD titles, Modern warfare 3As the game says, its Striker SMG is “a powerful and controllable submachine gun chambered for the .45 automatic” that is “reliable at close to mid-range.” It may be overshadowed by some weapons, but it is still loved by players.

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This is the best way to download Striker in MW3.

Set up the class and load the best Striker in MW3

Screenshot of custom Striker loading in Warzone.Hello, my old friend. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to build the best striker MW3

  • Bin: Striker Recon Long Barrel
  • Lower barrel: XRK Edge BW-4 handle
  • Ammunition: .45 High Automatic Round Grain
  • Rear handle: ME ZX handle
  • Share: Lachmann MK2 lamp neck

This loadout does its best to help overcome Striker’s weaknesses by adding damage range, recoil control, and accuracy. It’s a solid overall loadout for the SMG that will keep you fighting through most battles.

Striker, or UMP 45, is Reliable at close range and will also give you a fighting chance at mid-range. Don’t bother trying to take down AR players at long range but if you’re playing the SMG like an SMG player should, you’ll find yourself in situations that favor gameplay. Have

Tip: Iron sights are fine.

The Striker’s iron sights aren’t the best, but the remaining mounting slots are needed to help the gun reach its full potential. if you Have to choose an optic for the Striker, choose the Reflector MK.3 and replace the Striker Recon Long Barrel.

When it comes to flying around the map, killing enemies, and taking on objectives, one of the best SMG options in MW3 so far the Striker. That may change over time, but for now, pros and amateurs alike are enjoying this gun, and so am I.

Set up the best striker class in MW3

Striker SMG in Modern Warfare 3.Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Vest: Infantry shirt
  • Handgun: Rennett
  • Tactic: Flash grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field equipment: Trophy system
  • Glove: Marksmanship gloves
  • Boots: Lightweight shoes or secret sneakers
  • Gear: Clogged mask

Set up a basic classroom in MW3 multiplayer for any SMG type works well here. The Infantry shirt is the perfect combination for great classes without being too weird because it allows you to use all the equipment and perks available.

Gunner Gloves, Light Shoes and Tac Mask all will keep you moving while dodging tactical gunfire and grenades, and this is important when playing the role of an objective player or assassin in CoD.

I’ve always been more of an AR person, but The Striker even holds my own when it comes to the submachine gun class IN MW3. This is one of the best options in the early months of the game, so make sure to level it up and use Gunsmith to help it reach its maximum potential.

Tip: Unlock Striker

Striker is a simple way to unlock in MW3. Its available when you reach level four. Once you have it, you can rank it up to unlock the above attachments to maximize its potential.

Above of MW3 At launch, it felt underpowered but received a major boost in November 2023 to help return it to its former glory. It’s not as dominant as it once was but it’s still very good.

We think you really can’t go wrong with this build if you’re looking for a powerful SMG to run and shoot with. MW3.