Blog - February 6, 2024

Best Seneschal Companion Builds in Diablo 4

The Seneschal Companion is a new companion that provides support throughout the story and seasonal activities of Diablo 4the second season of, Season of the Construct. With full control over its abilities, crafting the best build for your Seneschal companion can be a challenge.

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Your build will be made up of Ruling Stones and Tuning Stones: Ruling Stones govern what abilities your Seneschal can use, while Tuning Stones tie those abilities to effects and buffs special. You can earn these Stones by completing seasonal quest chains, completing Vaults, doing seasonal activities, or by crafting them at the Goldsmith.

There are two types of Ruling and Tuning Stones: Rare Stones and Legendary Stones. Initially, you’ll only have access to mostly Rare Rocks, so we’ve created two different companion builds based on the Rocks you’ll have access to.

Best Seneschal build for Diablo 4 The third season uses the rare Ruling Stone

Initially, you will have access to six basic and rare Ruling Stones: two melee, two ranged, and two utility. I personally use a combination of Focus Fire ranged kick And Renewable utility stone.

Enemies fight the Necromancer Build inside the Vault in Diablo 4Help me, build friends. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Concentrate fire imparts a spark that damages multiple enemies the higher their level. Ranged abilities are better for dealing with enemies outside your personal range, and Focus Fire deals better damage than the other ranged Ruling Stone, Lightning Bolt. For Focus Fire, attach it to the following Tuning Stones:

  • Swift support: Attack speed bonus
  • Effective support: Has a chance to critically strike
  • Arc support: Archery skill attacks additional enemies

Reconstruction channels a regenerative beam that heals the player and has a much shorter cooldown than the other utility kick skill, Protection. Attach Reconstruction with these Adjusting Stones:

  • Protection support: Reduce damage
  • Enhanced support: Consolidation funding
  • Genesis: Increase efficiency

With this combination, you have a reliable source of damage and healing to enable you to solo Vault and other challenging activities. Please note, you cannot attach the same Tuning Stone to both of your Tuning Stones.

Best Seneschal build for Diablo 4 The third season uses the legendary Ruling Stone

Legendary Ruling Stones are enhanced special abilities you’ll want for your Seneschal companion.

Diablo 4 characters fight like the streak of lightning above.Shock and horror. Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Stormy easily my favorite ranged attack Legend. It charges an enemy, causing damage that spreads to other enemies, and when an enemy is killed, the effect is extended and enhanced. Attach the Tempest with these Tuning Stones:

  • Swift support: Attack speed bonus
  • Registered damage support: The damage caused by this skill applies to a Fire explosion when the target dies
  • Support duration: Duration increased

Adrenaline rays is a great Legendary Ruler Stone, especially for those that deal damage, as it creates a “quick rush of adrenaline” that increases damage dealt and has a relatively short cooldown. Attach the Flash of Adrenaline with these Tuning Stones:

  • Protection support: Reduce damage
  • Genesis: Increase efficiency
  • Tactical support: Reduces the cooldown time of the skill

With this combination, you’ll have a constant source of explosive, electric damage that travels through waves of enemies while constantly being boosted with pure, damage-boosting adrenaline.