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Best RAM-7 loading and layer setup in MW3

RAM-7 in Modern warfare 3 is a weapon back from Modern Warfare (2019) and original Battlefield, and it’s still pretty good. Is the first new AR added MW3The RAM-7 set a strong precedent for seasonal guns.

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This is the best way to download RAM-7 in MW3 hitherto.

Set up the class and load the best RAM-7 in MW3 Multiplayer

A solid setup for multiplayer. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Its in-game description is called RAM-7 an “ultra-compact bullpup assault rifle” that “features a lightweight polymer frame and is chambered in the versatile 5.56” round. It is certainly a solid assault rifle in and of itself MW3but, there is no attachment, it Struggled a lot with its scope. We can fix that by using some attachments in the Gunsmith, along with a class that will highlight its strengths.

Integrated best RAM-7 MW3

  • Bin: Cronen Headwind long barrel
  • Lower barrel: Kimura vertical handle RYN-03
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO high bead ring
  • Magazine: 40 round bullets
  • Rear handle: Retort 90 Clamp band

The Cronen Headwind long barrel is a must as it adds a huge boost to the RAM-7 Bullet velocity and range, meaning you’ll be able to deal more damage at longer ranges than without it. I would definitely recommend using this over a traditional AR setup for guns. The 5.56 NATO high bead ring will also help its range. MW3

Tip: Take it to the shooting range

Half the battle is with guns MW3 are becoming familiar with the way it handles. While you can certainly feel it in the heat of battle, it’s nice to get the hang of shooting without getting shot at yourself. Luckily, you can head to the Shooting Range from the Weapons tab in the game’s main menu right after adjusting your attachments.

Elsewhere, the RAM-7’s recoil control can be an issue, especially at long range, so I like to use Kimura vertical handle RYN-03 And Retort 90 Clamp band to help limit the kicking force of the gun as much as possible.

The RAM-7 is a pretty good first new AR in MW3, But I like to use it 40 round bullets for more firepower and finish off an extra enemy or two while using AR in multiplayer. But if you find 30 is enough, exchange it for something you love optics Attachments.

Set up the best RAM-7 layer in MW3

Image of RAM-7 in MW3.Image via Activision

  • Vest: Infantry shirt
  • Handgun: Rennett
  • Tactic: Stun grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field equipment: Trophy system
  • Glove: Marksmanship gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Shoes
  • Gear: Tac mask or EOD pad

This is my favorite class setup to use for internal assault rifles MW3, and the RAM-7 is no different. The Infantry shirt allows for full privileges and equipment, such as Rennett Draw your gun quickly to finish off weakened enemies.

You can’t go wrong with this Stun grenade or Semtexand a Trophy system it’s great to lie down in the position you’re holding while standing up and damage enemies at a distance, while also protecting yourself from incoming enemy damage and tactics.

Tip: Wall mounting reduces recoil

Even with the right attachments, the RAM-7 performs well. Don’t be afraid to climb walls to take out enemies at longer distances.

For perks, Marksmanship gloves Great for reducing flinching when enemies fire back, Stalker Shoes helps you get through gunfights, and I like it Clogged mask because nowadays everyone uses stun and flash.

With the RAM-7 loadout above, you’ll be able to take on any gun that can enter the meta in MW3 and Warzone!