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Best Poppy Playtime Monsters, Ranked

What you like best Drug time Monsters may stand out to you in how they look, how they act, or are simply extremely scary. Whatever your reason, here’s our ranking of the best monsters in Drug time.

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Top seven monsters in Drug time

7. Little smiling creature

Smiling little cat's scare in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3Small but deadly. Screenshot of Dot Esports

First on the list are the Little Laughing Creatures. These are miniature versions of the Laughing Creatures, the guardians of the Sweet Home Orphanage. The Smiling Creature feels like an upgraded, sleeker version of Mini Huggies from Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 2.

The Little Laughing Creatures are a breath of fresh air in a mascot horror game filled with chase scenes. Having the ability to fight back in a game where you run away from things creates a better balance for the horror and adds another layer to the gameplay. Instead of constantly engaging with Longer the formula for fleeing from terror, GrabPack ammo allows you to fight against mascots in the Drug time.

6. PJ Pug-a-Pillar

Pug-a-Pillar mini game in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 statuesWorst fetch game. Screenshot of Dot Esports

PJ Pug-a-Pillar is an exceptionally scary character Drug time monster. I’m not sure what that looks like Alice in Wonderland A caterpillar mixed with a pug can be scary, but this monster really did it for me. PJ just appeared in Mini game about statues for Chapter 2.

The mini-game is to get to the other side of the room while staying ahead of the monster. Knowing that PJ is chasing you as fast as his little legs can carry him when the lights go out is a terrifying thought that is sure to make you panic while playing. I just wish we could have seen more from this mascot in Drug time series.

5. Mom with long legs

Mom is angry with long legs in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2Don’t disappoint mom. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Long-legged mother is The main antagonist in chapter 2. Her personality causes this mascot to be compared to other mascots in the series. She stands out from the crowd because of her fake friendly demeanor and quickly turns sinister if she doesn’t get her way. I think Mommy Long Legs might have the best scares in the entire game, as she can suddenly drop down from the ventilation shaft and start a chase sequence at a time when you thought there was no connection. any threat?

The downside to this character is that the entire chapter seems more one-note. With mini-games as the focus throughout Chapter 2, Mother Long Legs will react predictably as you complete each game.

4. Miss Fun

Look at Miss Delight in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3Don’t turn your back on her. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Miss Delight really scared me when her chase part started in Chapter 3. Incorporating puzzle solving while being chased is one of the best moves Mob Entertainment has made to date. It makes this whole arc very different from any chase we’ve seen in the series before. Ms. Delight has the same personality as her long-legged mother but unlike what her name suggests, she is no more prominent than any of the other mascots in Drug time.

The only downside to this character is the overused gameplay mechanics that make Miss Delight completely useless when you look at her. Miss Delight only has power when you turn your back on her. The crying angel mechanic is often seen in horror games (SCP: Containment Breach, Resident Evil 8: Shadow of Rose, Lethal Companyto name a few), but, Miss Delight will make you extremely scared if you don’t know how she operates when you first meet her.

3. Prototype

CatNap kneels before Prototype at the end of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3The hand of God. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The prototype is one of the most interesting monsters in Poppy Playtime. His appearance will likely be revealed in Chapter 4 as a horrifying combination of all the dead monsters from previous chapters (similar to Amalgam in My Friendly Neighborhood). But the legend revolves around the Prototype, his identity, and whether or not he is truly a villain.

The archetype isn’t inherently evil or scary, but he forms the core of the Poppy Playtime story by raising a lot of questions surrounding his identity. I believe the finale will reveal Poppy as the real villain behind it all, but until then, my mind will continue to imagine the horrors that await behind her mechanical arm. Prototype.

2. Miss Kissy

Kissy Missy with Poppy on her shoulder in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3A real mascot, not a monster. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Kissy Missy is an iconic mascot that has continued to have a presence around the world. Drug time series. Appears as the only true ally As for the main character, Kissy Missy often guides the player to the next event, whether that’s alongside Poppy or by literally unlocking the path into the next area of ​​the chapter. Kissy Missy is a great character from behavior to appearance.

Playing Huggy Wuggy’s partner, her appearance initially scared us because she looked like Huggy. But after observing her behavior, you’ll quickly see how Kissy Missy is not on the side of the Archetype. I hope to see more of Kissy Missy in Chapter 4, but I also believe she will play an important role in the story and tell us whether or not we can truly trust Poppy.

1. Huggy Wuggy

Nightmare Huggy Wuggy climbs out of the TV in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3Someone give this guy a hug. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Huggy Wuggy is still the top choice for the most beautiful mascot in the industry Drug time. To be Original villain of the series, Huggy Wuggy has a great chase scene that introduces players to a new horror mascot that players will be haunted by, with impressive character design and movement in the chase scene that captivates great interest, quickly turning to interest in the lore that expands with each chapter. liberate, release, free.

While I believe Drug time not a game suitable for children, it certainly ruined my childhood as I turned around to face Huggy Wuggy contorting his body to get through the vent in a desperate attempt to destroy me . While the content of Chapter 1 is much simpler than the improved gameplay and story in Chapter 3, there’s a reason why players continue to seek out Huggy Wuggy more than any other mascot in the game. Opium playing time, and it’s not because of his cute smile.