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Best Play Ranked loadouts and class setups in MW3

Assemble your squad, go online, join the group chat and get ready to fight: Modern warfare 3 Play ranked here.

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It’s time to prove your worth and courage Call of duty after dominating the public corridor in the first few months after launch. Ranked play is where scores are settled, competition arises, rewards are unlocked, and bragging rights are earned forever.

Rating Play in MW3 Use the same rules as Call of duty League, but a little different. The CoD professionals have a “gentleman’s agreement” or GA to not use certain permitted items, such as various weapon accessories.

Luckily for all of us, there is no gentleman’s agreement when it comes to grinding ranks. Here are our picks for Best rated load in MW3.

Loads are ranked best in MW3

The Best download in of MW3 Play ranked depends on the weapon you feel most comfortable with. In the competition CoD, players are split between assault rifles and SMGs. We give you the best features of both, incl MCW is for AR playersthe Rival-9 is for SMG playersand Renetti for high school level weapon slot.

The best Build MCW for MW3 Ranked

The MCW build plays ranked MW3Dominate the field. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Best AR for MW3 Ranked play is MCW. The following is Best attachments:

  • Bin: MCW 16.5 inch cyclone long barrel
  • Optics: MK. 3 Reflectors or Slate Reflectors
  • Lower barrel: XTEN Phantom-5 handle
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO high bead ring
  • Rear handle: RB Claw-PSL handle

This Download MCW focus on enhancing AR Damage, Limit, Recoil controlAnd Controlthanks to which you can move from target to target quickly and shoot accurately at oncoming enemies.

Even though it’s a GA provided by experts, you can use it freely 5.56 NATO high bead ring in Ranked Play give a good boost to Bullet Velocity and Damage Range as MCW doesn’t have much recoil to speak of otherwise.

The only change that can be made here is to use a different Optical according to preference or play like the pros and ditch the 5.56 NATO High Bead Round and replace it with Billet brake T15R or L4R Flash Hider inside muzzle place.

Best Rival-9 build for MW3 Ranked

MW3 Rival-9 rated buildBest running and shooting. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Best SMG for MW3 Ranked play is Rival-9. The following is Best attachments:

  • Muzzle: S muzzle brake filter
  • Bin: Clearshot Rival-C Barrel
  • Share: MTZ Marauder stock
  • Lower barrel: Hand tools DR-6
  • Magazine: 40 round bullets

SMG players care about speed and close-range damage, and this setup turns the Rival-9 into Best SMG in the game when you have to sweat in Ranked Play.

These attachments help overcome the Rival-9’s weaknesses by adding Damage, Recoil Control, and Handling, while also disabling some of its Mobility, which is fine because of its base speed is already quite high.

Also, I sometimes trade in 40 Round Mags Round beads 9mm high this type of ammo to slightly increase Bullet Velocity and Damage Range, but has a strong negative impact on Recoil Control.

Best Renetti build for MW3 Ranked

How to build Renetti MW3 ranked gameplayIn case of emergency. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The best pistol MW3 Ranked play is Renetti. Use these Best attachments:

  • Muzzle: DZS opens Comp
  • Bin: MK2 Renetti long barrel
  • Optics: Crone Mini Pro
  • Ammunition: Round beads 9mm high
  • Rear handle: Eclipsor EXF handle

Renetti is the best pistol MW3, and it shines here as a weapon to swap out for if you’re out of ammo and don’t have time to reload. I especially like that it holds its ground in the mid-range and that this loadout backs it up Damage, Limit, Accuracy, Recoil controlAnd Controlmaking it the best of the best.

The best MW3 Set up ranked play class

Set up MW3 ranked play classProtect the target. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Use this Set up classroom in MW3 Play ranked to easily Ws.

The best MW3 ranked play gear and perks

  • Tactic: Stun grenade
  • Lethal: Frag or Semtex grenades
  • Field upgrade: Trophy system
  • Glove: Quick Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Secret sneakers
  • Gear: EOD cushion

Many tactics and damage are banned so options are limited. We believe that Stun grenade is the best of what’s left, but a choice can be made for Fragment grenades or Semtex, depending on preference. I prefer Frags because they cook them and throw them longer distances.

In CDL, experts have a GA that only two players can use one Trophy system. Don’t worry about that here. Use yours to protect your teammates and the target from thrown objects.

Quick Grip Gloves provides a much-needed buff to damage and tactical throw speed along with weapon exchange speed, Secret sneakers keep enemies from hearing your approach, and EOD cushion will help you survive a sneak blast through any Trophy System you have set up.