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Best paired with Varus in LoL.

If you don’t know which support to play with Varus, check out our list of the best champions to pair with him in Season 14.

Best support for VarusBest support for Varus

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The best support for playing with Varus in LoL

Varus has been a consistent presence at the highest level of play over the past two years. His biggest strength in the current meta lies in his flexibility, and he is one of the few ADCs that allows you to choose which build to choose based on your two team compositions. He can choose between an all-kill build or a hit version that requires more attack speed.

That said, in order to unleash a champion’s full potential, Varus needs to have certain supporters around him. It takes time to test everything, so we’ve already compiled a full list of champions that can be used with Varus. We’ll also explain why and how they’re strong for him, so get ready for the analysis!

Sena – No. 1 support for Varus

Senna isn’t generally the best support pick, but she’s the best support in the current meta, along with Varus. This is because, along with Varus’ poking, he can apply a lot of pressure in lane battles and make it almost impossible for the enemy lane to gain lane priority in the bottom lane.

Not to mention that Senna expands much further than existing support with the Soul of Passive. Beyond 30 minutes, damage output will be similar to ADC. All this while providing healing to Varus and stripping her of her ultimate.

If you play with Varus, this is the pick you should get. Do so before Senna gets nerfed in the near future.

Thresh – Best Engagement Support

Thresh is currently one of the best supports that Varus can play with, thanks to the buff he received at the beginning of the season. This made him much stronger than expected.

Support champions boast one of the most versatile kits in the game. The lantern allows you to engage, engage, link, and reposition your allies. Thresh does a little bit of everything, so he also works with Varus.

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Thresh and Varus can assist each other in locking down a single target. Whether it’s through Varus’ ultimate or Thresh’s hook, they can always follow up with remaining spells. Typically, Varus builds his lethality using Thresh to get good burst damage output using arrows and his passive.

That said, this bot lane duo is very difficult to play together and requires high trust and coordination. Make sure you get familiar with it before jumping into solo queue.

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Maokai – Alternative to Thresh

Maokai is currently the closest champion to Thresh in terms of Varus’ support options. Twisted Treant is better at forcing engagements and using crowd control to lock down enemy targets, while Thresh offers more lethality, which can be good against immobile champions like Varus.

Another key difference is the amount of pressure Maokai can apply during the laning phase. The damage and slow from Saplings allows him to deal more attacks and set up Varus to fire more arrows, which ultimately increases the chances of this bot lane duo snowballing early on.

However, Maokai will struggle to escape if forced to engage, so be careful not to overextend too often. Commit to theater. Otherwise, you will always struggle to get leads.

Ashe – Alternative to Senna

If you’re having trouble finding success with Senna, I recommend trying Ashe. Considering that both champions are ranged marksmen, the way they play is similar. But there is a big difference. When playing Ashe, I try to play a poking style with Varus and trade aggressively in the laning phase to give myself full control over bot lane priority. This allows you to control your early game objectives and lock down the enemy bot lane.

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The trade-off here is that Senna scales much more than Ashe, so he loses some power later in the game. However, if you can fully utilize this bully bot lane duo, you have little need to worry about lack of scalability.

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Karma – Best Enchantment Support

If you’re looking for an enchantment choice to play with Varus, I recommend Karma. The champion has a variety of tools that can synergize with Varus, especially when poking in the lane phase. Thanks to Q, Karma can apply a lot of pressure early on, zoning enemies out of farm and experience. With Varus, the enemy bot lane will have a hard time winning trades unless they can consistently dodge all of his abilities.

Karma’s job during teamfights is to play close to Varus so he can find space to protect and damage Varus at the right moment. However, you want to get leads as early as possible. If you fall behind, your karma will weaken in the later stages of the game.

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